Shoe Collection 2019 – Boots

From last week’s heels (and that one pair of sneakers that I just HAD TO share because I love them currently, but forgot to put live😅) we have now arrived at boots. A very important part of the shoe collection if you live in the Netherlands.

Because it’s cold, grey and rainy most of the time in this little country, so boots are a wardrobe staple, if you ask me. I love boots, love wearing them and styling them and also love how they keep my toes warm. I have quite a few pairs, and I think I am pretty much set when it comes to boots. The only thing I really want is a replacement for one of these pairs, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

From tallest to shortest, let’s have a look.

Manfield Over the knee boots

These fancy little (well, not that little) babies are my OTK boots, as you can see. I love the look of over the knee boots, so when I saw these in the Manfield sale a little over 2 years ago, I had to get them. Are they perfect? No. They are just a bit too wide on the upper leg. But not so much that it bothers me a whole lot, I am definitely not looking for a replacement for these. They are comfortable, fairly warm, and I just love the slightly more dressed up look they give. I would love to have a pair of these but with a nice high heel, however that is not super high on my wish list right now, and I am still very happy with these.

Aqa brown winter boots

These are the newest addition to my boots collection, and I do not regret buying these one bit. I haven’t been wearing these a whole lot the past few weeks, but when it was snowing and super cold in January, these were a lifesaver. Or at least a toe saver. They kept my feet so very nice and warm as I was waiting on the bus, it actually really surprised me. I do think these also look really good with sheer-ish tights and a dress or skirt, so I could really wear them this time of year. But mostly I just can’t wait to style these next autumn and winter.


Uggs are a love or hate thing. Personally, I love them. I mean, I do agree that they kind of look like you are wearing slippers, but they are the absolute easiest shoe to throw on when you quickly have to run out of the house to walk the dog, do some grocery shopping, or whatever else there is to run out of the house for. They are warm, comfortable, and I actually do not hate the look of them with a simple jeans + tee outfit. I’ve had these for about 5 or 6 years and they are still looking good. I will keep these until they fall apart, and then most likely buy a new pair.

panama jack winter boots

These were my only proper winter boot for about 3, maybe 3,5 years, until I got that Aqa pair at the end of December last year. I have worn these so much, they are warm and comfortable and look really good with jeans I think. But they also pair well with tights or leggings and a dress/skirt. Now, after those 3 years, they do look pretty worn out, but it’s nothing some extra love and care can’t fix. What I like about these is the fact that the zipper on the side doesn’t go all the way to the top, it stops a few centimeters lower. It means that I can flip the top down if I want to, for a cute furry top border.

van haren chelsea boots

And lastly the shoes that I am looking to replace, my Van Haren Chelsea boots. I got these cheap ones to try out the style, see if it was something I’d actually wear, and after a year and a half of having these I can safely say that it is worth investing in a good quality pair. I have worn these a ton and love the look of them. They low top, simple black, easy to style, go with pretty much everything. I have been looking for a new pair over the last 6 months or so, but haven’t found my dream pair yet, so for now I am keeping these in my collection. They are, however, pretty worn out, so I find myself not reaching for them as much as I did when they were newer. That is all down to the quality though, for €29,95 you can’t expect them to last for years. Still, they have served me well, and I am happy I got them.

Well, 5 pairs of boots, that is actually not too bad. I am quite happy with my collection. Like I said, there are some pair that I would like to replace, and of course I always have some shoes on my wish list, but I am very pleased with what I have and I wear all 5 pairs quite often, so all in all a good collection in my eyes.

Thanks for stopping by ❤