Weekly Highlights #20

This week’s highlight is sticking with this whole shoe theme I’ll have going on this month.

It is…….

A pair of shoes! Woohoo! It’s the pair of shoes I have been loving over the last few weeks, not necessarily the only pair I’ve been wearing, but just the pair I have been enjoying the most I guess. They are relatively new in my collection, and I don’t actually remember if they’ve ever been featured on the blog before (aside from a header photo). If they haven’t then this will be their Just Anothr Dreaming Girl blog debut, sooooo that’s fun.

Anyways, let’s have a look at my babies…

Aren’t they cute and pretty? Very spring, with the very soft pink suede, don’t you think. I got these Adidas Campus sneakers in October I think, in the sale for € 50,00. I was on the hunt for white sneakers at the time, but hadn’t really found “the ones” yet, but when I saw these in the sale and tried them on I fell in love. They are a bit different from my other sneakers, as they actually have a colour (whoa!), but I find them so fun and easy to wear. They look really good with jeans, which is pretty much what I live in, but they look especially cool with my new pleather jeans that I showed you in this post. I don’t know why, but it is such a cool but cute combination. You can see it in that header too, it just works I think.

Anyways, these are also very comfortable, and so far I have managed to keep them relatively clean. For a light pink suede sneaker.. And like I mentioned before, I think these are the perfect spring sneaker. I can’t wait to pair them with my fave denim dress, or some really good jeans I recently picked up (that I will share next week… 😉 ), or maybe a flowy summer skirt and top….. Ahh, so many styling option, I cannot wait!

Pretty good, right? I’ll share the rest of my sneakers in a couple of weeks, but first it’s time for my boots next week, and that really good find I mentioned earlier (plus some other things, next week is going to be filled with fashion!)

Thanks for stopping by ❤