Shoe Collection 2019 – Heels

It’s been over 2 years since I showed you all my shoes, so I think by now it is time for an update.

In those 2 years I bought some shoes and I got rid of some shoes. Some because I had worn them to death, some because they weren’t my style anymore, some because they were just really fucking uncomfortable..

Anyways, I am showing you what I did keep today and over the next few weeks (March will apparently be the month of shoes), starting with my smallest collection: heels. Heeled booties only, actually, as I do not currently own any other type of heels. I am still looking for the perfect pumps and also some of those amaaaazing OTK boots with a nice heel, but so far I haven’t found “the ones” yet, and I don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect. If you have any tips, please share!!

Tadaaaa, my two pairs of heels. Both black booties, one currently very much loved, one very much loved in the past but not so much anymore. I mean, I do love them but I haven’t been wearing them as much. Whatever, let’s chat a bit about both.

Dune London Heeled Booties

These are my “old” heeled booties. I’ve had them for about 3,5 years and have worn them soooo much in that time, but like I mentioned, I haven’t been wearing these a whole lot lately. I still love them though, they are stunning and chic and also pretty comfortable, considering the height. They look best underneath jeans, but also work with bare legs or tights. These boots are just classic, and I will probably keep these in my collection forever.

Sacha Heeled Booties

These are a fairly new addition in my collection, I got them in September last year. I. Love. These. SO MUCH. They are comfortable, the perfect heel height for every day. They also look good with pretty much everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, bare legs, tights, mom jeans, everything. And have I mentioned how comfortable they are?
I had been looking for these type of booties for probably a year before I found these. They, like I said, are great for every day, unlike the Dune London booties which are quite a bit higher. I can walk in them a fairly long time and they’ve only given me blisters twice, both thanks to shoes I was wearing the day before. These are pretty much my favourite heels in my collection at the moment.

And those were all the heels I currently own. Like I mentioned before, I really want some pumps in my collection, or maybe some strappy heeled sandals, but I haven’t found them yet. Maybe I will have found them by the time I do another one of these series in a few years…

Thanks for stopping by ❤