Reading Wrap Up – February 2019

And also, a book haul. Because believe it or not guys, I only bought 2 books this month and I’ve already read them both!

Yea, I’m pretty proud of myself.
And I am also pretty sure that you already know what books I got and what books I’ve read this past month, as I have talked about these in pretty much all my bookish blog posts recently, and a lot of my Bookstagram posts as well.

So without further ado, let’s get into the books, shall we?

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood. I never asked to be the son of a Greek god.

I was just a normal kid, going to school, playing basketball, skateboarding. The usual. Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher. Now I spend my time battling monsters and generally trying to stay alive.

This is the one where Zeus, god of the sky, things I’ve stolen his lightning bolt – and making Zeus angry is a very bad idea.”

This month all I’ve read are Percy Jackson books, and all I’ve bought are Percy Jackson books. But only the first two as I already owned the last three. The Lightning Thief was the book that I remembered best, although still not as well as I thought I did. I actually got into the books yeeeaaars ago after seeing the film (enjoyable and I loooove Logan Lerman, but not very true to the book) so most of the things I thought I remembered from the book were actually things that happened in the film instead. Anyways, I very much enjoyed rereading The Lightning Thief, and gave it 4 stars.

Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters -Rick Riordan

“You can’t tell by looking at me that my dad is Poseidon, god of the sea.

It’s not easy being a half-blood these days. Even simple games of dodgeball can turn into a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants – and that’s just he beginning.

Now Camp Half-Blood is under attack and, unless I can get my hands on the Golden Fleece, the whole camp will be invaded by monsters. Big ones…”

I didn’t remember as much about this book, and I only saw the film adaptation of this one once (and was very disappointed..). As I was reading it things started to come back to me though, although I was still surprised by certain things as well. This book made me smile, but it also made me think “oh you dumb half-blood, can’t you see this is a terrible idea?” a fair amount of times. In a good way though, as that only means I was invested in the story. However, in this book you do notice that it is written for a younger audience, definitely not for a 23 year old. Because of that I gave it 3 stars.

Percy Jackson And The Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan

“It’s not every day you find yourself in hand-to-claw combat with a half-lion, half-human.

But when you’re the son of a Greek god, these things happen. All I was trying to do was bring two new demigods back to camp. But the arrival of the manticore changed everything. Now my friend Annabeth is missing, a goddess is in chains and the general of the Titans wants to unleash a tribe of skeleton warriors on the world.

This is the one where only five of us heroes can join the dangerous quest to defeat the doomsday monster – and our camp’s Oracle has predicted that not all of the chosen five will survive….”

I finished this one last night, just before the end of the month. This was definitely the one out of these three that I remembered the least of. Some things kind of came back, like who the General was, but most of it I totally didn’t remember. It actually made it so much fun to read it again. I feel that with this third book, it is kind of shifting to a liiiiiitle more of an older YA audience, or maybe just a regular YA whereas the first two books are more for the younger YA readers. Either way, I really enjoyed this one, and I have given it 4 stars.

And that were all the books I read this month, and also all the books I bought! Quite proud of myself for only buying two books and reading them right away as well.

For March I plan on reading the last two books (sooo excited, I feel like I remember a bit more from the last book, but the fourth is still pretty much a mystery to me) and then maybe something else as well. We’ll see how much time I have to read, because I am also very busy with work and school right now.

Anyways, happy almost weekend guys. Do something fun, pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read, go for a walk.

Thanks for stopping by ❤