New In Fashion – Winter 2019

Because I apparently didn’t have enough clothes yet.

Actually, I’ve had a few really good declutter sessions over the past few months, so the clothes that I got in January and February were to fill some gaps in my wardrobe or replace some worn out items. I also didn’t get that many things this time sooo….

Anyways, let’s just get into what I got.

  • Grey Mango wrap top. I realized a little while ago that I did not own any cute tops that I could layer with cardigans or blazers or something like that. I only had sweaters or plain boring t-shirts. So I went on the hunt for a cute top, found this one and fell in love. The wrap style is very flattering, I love the grey and it is, in my opinion, very versatile. I can wear it to work or more casual things with a cami underneath, but without that simple camisole it can be dressed up with some heels for a more sexy look.
  • Black Mango top. This was the other top I got on my hunt for something cute to wear and layer. It is a very simple long sleeve t-shirt, but a little more loose fitting, which is why I love it. It is so easy to wear and to style, very comfortable, but still more fun to wear I guess than my other more tight fitting tees. Between this one and the grey wrap style top, I think I filled that gap in my wardrobe.
  • Striped Zeeman t-shirt. Everybody needs some stripes in their wardrobe, and believe it or not, but I have only one striped t-shirt. So when I saw this one for like €4,00 I had to pick it up. The other one I have has a round neckline, this one has a v-neck, so they both give a bit of a different look. I plan on wearing this with jeans and a blazer, with trousers, with skirts, underneath my denim dress. Basically this will go with everything.
  • H&M bralette. I have a thing for bralettes. And I’ve actually seen this H&M one so many times and loved it but every time I didn’t end up getting it. A few weeks ago I finally did though, and I love it! It is comfortable and it makes me feel cute even though I’m the only one who sees it (okay and my boyfriend but he doesn’t really care about my bralettes). I might wear it on it’s own or underneath a sheer top if I’m brave enough and when the weather is warm enough as it is definitely long enough to function as a regular although slighty (very) sexy top. For not though, I’m enjoying it just as lingerie.
  • Sheer H&M top. This is not something I bought, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyways as it is a top I can’t wait to style once the weather warms up and I have the right occasion. It is this sheer top from H&M that I got from my sister because she didn’t want it anymore. It has a zipper detail at the back and this cute little peplum bottom. Again a very sexy piece, but it might be dressed down with a black cami and some distressed jeans and sneakers.
  • Blue Only jeans. Because I didn’t have enough jeans yet. But in my defense, this is a different style from all the other jeans I own, and both the pairs of blue jeans I already have are kind of worn out. Because of all that and the fact that Only had a 20% discount going on all jeans I felt like I could justify getting these. In the week and a half since I got these I’ve already worn them so much, so it is definitely money well spent.
  • Black pleather Only jeans (trousers?). And lastly I got these pleather jeans style trousers in that same Only discount offer. These are definitely unlike anything else I owned and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I’ve worn them to a party this past weekend with my black Mango turtleneck and some soft pink suede Adidas sneakers and absolutely loved the look. They looked great with my Stitch, Please oversized sweater (the pink one, aaah so good) as well and for an all black outfit with my Panama Jack boots and Benetton wool pullover? Yeeess please. Point is, these look great with sooo much and give a totally different look from anything else in my closet, and I love them. Also, they are so fucking comfortable, I can’t even.

That was quite the haul. I honestly thought I was done shopping for a while after my last few hauls but apparently not. I do really feel like I’m all set with my cold weather wardrobe now so I will definitely not buy anything for that anymore, but with spring and summer coming up…. I do have some shoes on my wish list now that I am on the hunt for, but I’m very picky with shoes so it might take over a year before I find the perfect versions of what I want. A nice bathing suit is high on my list as well, and I also have a Stitch, Please order coming in soon (they had this amazing sale and I just couldn’t help myself).

Basically, I just love clothes and shopping and I have a bit of a problem..

Thanks for stopping by ❤