Weekly Highlights #19

Today’s highlight is an old favourite of mine that I have rediscovered in my collection!

It’s also one of my boyfriend’s favourites, so the fact that I’ve been wearing this thing has made him very happy as well. It’s a product that I got years ago, kind of got lost in my collection, but recently I’ve found myself reaching for it every day.

“Well what is it?” you might be wondering now. Well, it’s a perfume.

This, my dear people, is Nina by Nina Ricci. And how freaking well does it match with Winter by Marissa Meyer (which, you might have seen in Tuesday’s post, I haven’t continued reading in YEARS)? Anyways, this is the scent I’ve been gravitating towards over the last few weeks. It kind of started when we moved my book/perfume shelves (they share a home) to the living room. I had to take everything out and put it back in again, and along the way I picked this up and went “hmm I need to wear this again.” And I did, and I love it.

I got this scent the first time maybe 5 or 6 years ago after finishing a bottle of Orange by Hugo Boss (still one of my favourites as well) and I wanted something different. The girl in the shop recommended this one to me and I loved it, so I got it. I already knew it was a great scent, because it is actually one of the only perfumes – if not the only one – my middle sister wears, but I wasn’t sure if it would smell as good on me. It does, I think, obviously because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. This bottle is actually a repurchase, because I ran out of the first one a few years ago and my boyfriend insisted that I needed a to get it again. Like I said, he loves this scent on me as well.

Okaaay, that was a highlight with a story apparently. I feel like, since I don’t do Weekly Highlights every week – despite the name – I always want a really good fave when I do do one of these. And Nina really is one. Also, completely unrelated, but I really like the name Nina. Need to remember that one. But how can I forget when I literally love a perfume with that name?!😅

What has been one of your favourite items/products/experiences this week?

Thanks for stopping by ❤