Was It Worth It? – Winter 2019 Fashion Edition

After the beauty edition last week, it’s now time to see if I wasted my money on clothing🤔

I did quite a few hauls in the past few months. We started with my autumn/winter fashion 2018 haul, a mini Michael Kors haul thrown in the mix, then I did a new in fashion post, and lastly a shoe haul.

Today we are going to see if I am still using the things I got, or if I maybe shouldn’t have bought some of these bits.

  • Hema cozy hoodie. This was probably one of my best purchases. I’ve been wearing this thing almost every day when I’m hanging out at home. It is so nice and warm and cozy, and the inside is so soft I can’t even. I 100% did not waste my money on this thing.
  • 2 scarves. Both of these I’ve been wearing as well. The long pink homemade one I’ve mostly been wearing on the super cold days, and I like it best paired with my brown coat. The black and white one I’ve been going through phases with, sometimes (like right now) I wear it every day, and then sometimes I’m more in the mood for my grey and white scarf. Two very good purchases (well, one very good project, and one great gift from my mother-in-law).
  • Michael Kors coin purse. I’ve used this beauty every day since I got it, and I am still in love with it.
  • Stitch, Please grey sweater. I think I like this more than my other two Stitch, Please sweaters, and I love those a lot. I just really enjoy styling this one as it is a smaller size. My current favourite thing is to wear this with a thin turtleneck underneath, I just loooove that look. It also looks great with my mom jeans!
  • Mango brown sweater. This is one of my go-to sweaters this winter, I love it so much. It is warm, cute, easy to style and just looks great with everything I want to pair it with! Granted, what I want to pair it with is pretty much exclusively jeans, but this sweater does look good with all my jeans!
  • Cos brown knit (but bought secondhand). I loved this when it was that kind of annoying in-between weather, but I haven’t been wearing it a lot on the super cold days. It doesn’t layer very well, which means that I’m just too cold if I wear it now. However, I already cannot wait to wear this when the weather warms up a bit.
  • Blue Only jeans. I have a love-hate relationship with these jeans. I love the look of them, but they still transfer the blue dye like it’s their job, which makes it sooo hard to pair with light-coloured items. I’ve been wearing them a ton though with dark stuff, but that is one thing that kind of annoys me about them.
  • Levis jeans. These were expensive, but so worth it. They give me quite a different look from all the other jeans I own, so that is absolutely amazing. They also fit great, and I especially love pairing these with my cute heeled booties for that casual but fancy look.
  • Grey Only jeans. I mean, I knew I wanted a grey pair of jeans and I knew I would wear them, but I hadn’t guessed that I would wear them as much as I do. I love love love these with my Mango sweater, but also with pretty much every other top I own. They just give such a different look from a blue or black pair, and I am very happy with these.
  • Black knitted pencil skirt. Sooo.. I haven’t worn this one yet. I don’t really know how to style it, despite liking the idea of this skirt. I think it has something to do with the fact that this doesn’t work great with tights, this skirt really clings to them and that’s just really annoying. It makes it hard to wear it now with the cold weather, so I am hoping it will work better in the spring with some white sneakers and a lightweight sweater.
  • Lace-y black cami & simple black cami. The plain black camisole I’ve been wearing a ton, it is perfect as an extra layer underneath sweaters, blouses and shirts. The lace-y one I haven’t worn yet, mainly because I want to wear it on it’s own, maybe with a cute blazer or cardigan on top, but the weather hasn’t been right for an outfit like that yet. I definitely see myself wearing this in the spring/summer though!
  • Black Mango mock neck. I mean, when I bought it I already knew I would wear this a lot, and I have. I love this underneath sweaters, especially my Stitch, Please one, and I also can’t wait to wear this on its own.
  • Black Mango trousers. Yea, so I haven’t worn this either. As much as I really like this, I just don’t know how to style it. I am going to try it with my white sneakers though, because I really want to wear it!
  • Thrifted winter jacket. This jacket has been the thing that kept me warm during those snowy days here in the Netherlands. I have been wearing it SO MUCH and I am so happy I got it. It keeps me warm and dry and comfy. It may not be the most stylish item, but like… Does anyone really care in the winter?
  • Thrifted cream sweater. I have been wearing this a good amount. I mean, I have quite a few sweaters so it has not been an every day item for me, but I do love this and enjoy wearing this a lot. It is comfy, cozy and an great lazy item, and it looks lovely with the black mock neck.
  • Axiome cashmere sweaters. I am in love with how soft these are, and how comfortable and how cute. I have been wearing these, especially the red one, a lot, and I truly believe they were worth the high price tag. I would love one of these in a more oversized fit though, I just think that would be sooo cute!! But like, I really don’t need any more sweaters at the moment..
  • Michael Kors crossbody bag. When you buy a €200,00 handbag you need to be sure you love it, and I as sure about that when I bought it. I just didn’t realize how much I would love the red colour. This bag is my everyday bag when I just need the essentials, which is most days. I haven’t tested it out with a book yet, I am pretty sure it won’t fit my current read though. However, I really don’t care, I love this bag regardless.

And lastly, I did a mini shoe haul at the beginning of this year. Both shoes I have been wearing a good amount in the 2 months I’ve had them. The brown boots kept my toes nice and warm on the snowy freezing days, and they go really good with most of my every day outfits. The white sneakers, I mean, I already knew I loved them. I like the all white versus the white with black stripes I previously had, as it looks a bit more chic, and I can’t wait to wear these with summer dresses.

So pretty much all the clothes I’ve bought in the last 5 months or so have been really good purchases, which means I did not waste my money. Yay!
Have you gotten a clothing item recently that you regret buying? And what’s something you spent money on recently that you absolutely love?

Thanks for stopping by ❤