New In Makeup – Winter 2018/2019

Looking back over the last few months, I realized that there are a few new additions to my makeup collection. So for today’s post I thought it was time for another New In Makeup!

Most of these products I’ve had for a little while at least, and although I haven’t been using all of them yet, I feel like I can still share some thoughts on most of these.

Sensai Luminous Sheer Foundation

YOU GUYS I finally found my perfect foundation. One downside? It is absolutely crazy expensive. But this Sensai foundation is amazing. First of all, the colour matches my skin tone, something I always struggle with in drugstore foundations. Being partly Asian, I have a bit of a yellow undertone, and every single foundation I’ve tried has been slightly too pink or orange. This one works perfectly though, probably because Sensai is an Asian (Japanese?) brand. I also love that this is light coverage, it just evens out the redness in my skin a bit, but my freckles shine through and it just look so natural. Furthermore, the formula feels SO GOOD on the skin. I believe there are like silky bits in here (I literally cannot remember how the girl in store explained it) that make it feel so very soft and silky on the skin. I don’t feel like I need to put any powder on top of this, it dries down to a gorgeous skin like texture. OMG, I love this product and definitely think it is worth the hefty price tag! (Even though it still hurts thinking about having to buy a new bottle every time I run out of this).

Catrice ICONails in 12 Creaming Of You & 45 Coffee To GO

I got two more of my favourite Catrice nail polishes. And as you can see, I have a favourite shade range. Light, nude, easy to wear. The left one, Creaming Of You, is a bit of a yellow nude, that I feel looks really nice in winter as it is quite light and kind of blends in with my skin right now. The right one, Coffee To Go, is a bit more of a brownish grey shade. Still very much nude, but a bit darker. It’s a sort of coffee with lots of milk shade, but more cool toned and I love that one as well. In fact, it might be a new favourite of mine!
As for the formula on these, you know I love them if you’ve seen my nail polish collection. These are creamy and last a good amount of time on the nails, and the brush is nice and fat and flat, which I loooove. Also, these are so flipping cheap, it’s amazing.

Essence Insta-care Lipstick 01 Sandy Sunrise

I actually got this before my last New In Makeup post back in November, but totally forgot to feature it in there. So I though I would add this lipstick to this haul. When I saw this in store I got so very happy, as this is pretty much the same lipstick as one I bought years ago, that I loved but was running out off. This is buttery, creamy, moisturizing but still very pigmented, and just a gorgeous lipstick. The colour that I got years ago was the perfect brownish nude, the most beautiful every shade and the lipstick that I want to have in my collection always. This however…. Ugh, I don’t know guys. The consistency is the same and it feels great on the lips, but the colour is just not the same. For some reason this colour just doesn’t look right on my lips. It’s to caramel coloured, I think. I am sooo sad though, because I thought I finally found my favourite lipstick again.. But I just haven’t been wearing this one because of that, and I am sad to say this was a bad purchase.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer

These I picked up because I am running out of my current eye pencil. I used to use the regular Rimmel eye pencil, the one you have to sharpen, and I absolutely loved that one. However, it annoyed me that I had to sharpen it, so I decided to try the twist-up version. Thankfully, the twist-up version is just as great as the regular one, so I picked up two more. One because I needed it, the other one because the store I was at at the time had a buy one get one for free offer going and how can I resist a free eye liner? For some reason I managed to pick up two different blacks though, one is 262 Blackest Black and the other is 261 Noir. I don’t know if there is much of a difference, but we shall see.

Catrice Eye Shadow Stix 090 Beautista’s Choice

I have been loving eye shadow sticks, or pencils or whatever they are called, lately, so I picked up another one. A Catrice one this time, one of my favourite drugstore brands. This eye shadow stix is a beautiful colour, a bit of a brownish grey, much like the nail polish I guess, but a bit darker and shimmery. I like this one a lot, it is so easy to throw on, looks great on the eyes, blends well and lasts a good amount of time. I am definitely going to pick up more of these, as they have some beautiful colours in the range (a gorgeous fiery orange that I need in my life!).

Essence Camouflage+ Matte Concealer

I picked this one up because I thought I was running out of concealer. As it turns out, I still had a few months left in the bottle. So I haven’t given this one a good try yet, but from the few times I have tried it I can already tell that I am going to like this. Not love it, like I don’t think this is going to be a holy grail product, but it does feel and look nice. Very good coverage, although I doubt it will actually be tattoo covering.. I might try that out one day though, would be interesting 😉

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

This used to be my holy grail mascara when I was in high school. I literally went through bottles and bottles of this stuff. So when it was time to pick up a new one, I thought I’d give this one a try again. However, it’s just not as great as I remember it being. Maybe that’s because I’ve tried more mascaras now that are even better (I’m looking at you, Diorshow Black Out), or maybe they changed the formula. I don’t know, but it’s just not as amazing. It looks fine, and gives a fair bit of volume, but it’s now very lengthening, which is something I do really want in a mascara. I’ll use this up, but I most likely won’t repurchase it.

Alright, that was all for today. I picked up some great things, some not so great things and some average things. All in all a pretty good haul, I think.
What’s something you have picked up recently that you absolutely love?

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