Current Makeup Favourites – Winter 2019

Today is all about makeup. My favourite makeup. Of right now, that is.

Yep, as you could’ve seen from the title, today’s post is about the makeup products that I’ve found myself reaching for over and over again each morning as I get ready. I don’t have a huge collection, so from most products I just own one or two ‘versions’. But in certain categories I have noticed that I just keep using one every single time I do my makeup. And today it’s all about those.

Starting with the base. I don’t have a favourite product necessarily, but I have found that I just can’t be bothered doing my foundation lately. Not that I don’t love the foundation that I currently own (the Sensai Luminous Sheer foundation, so expensive but so good), but I just can’t be bothered. A sweep of concealer under my eyes, down my nose, forehead and chin and on any spots I may have is enough for me day to day right now. I am almost out of this Essence Stay All Day 16 hr concealer, which I LOVED, and have the Essence Camouflage+ one waiting to be used.
I think this particular favourite has a little bit to do with the fact that I desperately need to wash my makeup brushes, and this concealer is easier to do with my fingers than foundation is, but still, I also just love the ease and the look of it.

Next: Powder. The Catrice Nude Illusion loose powder. I find myself reaching for this every day. I like the consistency and how it looks. I feel like I don’t have to dip my brush in as often as with compacts, and also this thing is so very cheap! The only thing I don’t love about this powder is that it is not travel friendly AT ALL. But I guess that’s just the thing with loose powders..

Moving on to the eyes. I have two eyeshadow palettes that I wear all. the. time. The first one, for if I want a shimmery glittery shiny eye, is this Be Creative eyeshadow palette that I’ve had for years. Like, six years or something, a very long time. As you can see on the photo, I’ve hit pan on one of the colours, my all time favourite, and I am now using the bottom left one, a shimmery gold, almost always. It is so easy to sweep on the lid, blend into the crease and voilà, you’re done. The shadows in this palette are so creamy and pigmented. They blend well, and have hardy any fallout. Very, very easy to work with for a quick one colour look.

The other favourite eyeshadow palette I have is a bit newer, I’ve had this one for maybe 1,5 years. It is the Estée Lauder Pure Color eyeshadow palette in Ivory Power. This is expensive for only 5 shadow (over €50,00) but is it a perfect replacement for the Naked Basics palette that I absolutely adored. I love that this has the darker shimmer, and other than that the perfect light brown for all over the lid or just in the crease, a deep dark brown to deepen any look, and the two highlight/base colours. Everything I want in a palette, basically. Except for the price, but oh, well. Again with this palette the shadows are blendable and creamy and easy to work with, and good pigment again as well. I usually bring this with me when I travel because it is so versatile in my opinion. I love this thing.

And lastly, I have a lip colour that I’ve been using so very much. It is just the perfect throw on and go shade, the ‘my lips but better’ lippie of dreams. And so very affordable. This is the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in 02 Perfect Match, and it really is the perfect match for me. So creamy and comfortable yet matte on the lips. Lasts a fair amount of time. I wear it to work, on a day out, for date night. Basically, always at the moment. It goes with everything so you don’t have to think about matching it with an eye look or shirt or whatever. I know they have more stunning shades in this range, so after 2 years of owning this product (and I still don’t understand why I stopped using it for a while) I think I might need to check out the other colours… 😏

Well. 5 favourites, that’s a pretty good amount, I’d say. I know I will love these products for a long time, and even the concealer all over thing I will come back to time and time again whenever I’m lazy (which is quite often..).

What’s one product you are loving at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by ❤