Weekly Favourites #18

I am spoiling you with two weekly highlights today! Whoa, so sweet!

Not really, I just a) couldn’t choose between the two and b) they are kind of in the same category so is it really that special?

They are two really good highlights though. I got both of them on our trip to The Hague last month, more out of necessity than that I was planning to go out and get them, or because I thought it would be fun or something. But they ended up being some of my favourite beauty products of the last month or so. They make me feel good on both the outside and the inside.


They are from Lush.


Tadaaa! You can’t tell through a computer or phone screen, but these smell SO GOOD. And feel so good and make me feel good, but I already mentioned that. So the reason I got them is because when we were out and about on our first day walking around the city and hanging out with friends I realized I forgot to put my lip balm in my handbag. Which was a slight problem because my lips were super chapped and a little painful as well. We were planning on going into Lush anyway because our hotel had a bath so I wanted one of their glorious bath bombs (we got the little present one that I think they do every Christmas, it was AH-mazing) and I thought “well if we’re in Lush anyways, why not pick up a lip balm?” So I did. I got this Honey Trap one, the one – or so the girl in the shop told me – that was most hardcore and moisturizing and amazing for the lips. And let me tell you, it is. The consistency is thick and almost maybe a bit grainy, it it is creamy and feels so good on the lips. I feel like it actually is making a difference in getting my lips through the winter time. It smells okay, not my absolute favourite scent but definitely not bad. And the packaging is so cute.

And then as I was ready to pay the girl helping us convinced me to get the other product. This is a naked body butter. I’ve always (well, since I heard of them) wanted to try one. They are body butters (duh) but they don’t have packaging. They are solid, you rub them on your skin, they warm up and leave their creamy moisturizing residue behind. It’s amazing, and very sustainable. This one is especially amazing, as it is the Charity Pot. Basically, all proceeds (minus tax) go to charity. Which is exactly why the girl behind the counted convinced me to get it. That, and the super amazing refreshing scent of this thing. It has cocoa butter, moringa and aloe in it, and I absolutely love it. I also feel like it is going to last me a long time.

See, two extra good highlights, because they are from a good brand and do good things. I never normally buy anything from Lush, but I definitely am going in there more often now, as I love both these products so much! Is there anything I need to check out? Let me know!!

Thanks for stopping by ❤