A Little Shoe Haul (Aka My Last Purchases Of 2018)

Last week’s highlights were shoes (slippers count as shoes right?) and today we’re sticking to the shoe theme because I got some new ones recently!

And also yes, these were the last 2 items I go in 2018 aside from a 124 GB usb stick that I needed for a back-up of my old laptop. Other than that, I got shoes. 2 pairs, both of which I am veeeeery happy with (otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten them, duh) and that I know will be worn a lot! One of these I’ve wanted for a long time one, and the other pair was kind of an impulse buy, but a wonderful impulse buy, thank god. There’s only 2 pairs of shoes that I now need to add to the shoedrobe in order to feel complete: the perfect flat black booties, and a simple pair of pumps because believe it or not, I currently don’t own any pumps. I’m not gonna get either of those any time soon though, because, you know, I just got 2 new pairs.

Anyways, I blabbering. Let’s look at some shoes!

Starting with the pair that I have been wanting for a while: I GOT NEW ADIDAS SUPERSTARS and I am very excited about it. But I’m sure you could tell already. I got my first pair of these a few years ago and wore them until they fell apart. As soon as I got rid of them I knew I needed a new pair, and now I finally got one. This time I went for the all white ones instead of the classic white with black stripes pair, and I am so glad I did. The all white just adds a little something different to an outfit, they look a little more chic, whereas the black and white pair was very obviously casual. I still am probably gonna get the black and white pair in the future (or maybe a white & leopard print pair, of one of the other cute colours/prints they do) just because I know I wear these a ton, but for now I am very pleased with these. They are just so freaking comfortable! Also, for €70,00 I think they are a pretty good price.

The boots were the impulse buy, but a very very good impulse buy! They are from the brand Aqa, and I got them at Nelson, a shoe store here in the Netherlands. We got them in a great deal: buy one pair, get the other pair for €10,00. And since my boyfriend had his eyes on a pair of Clarks that were €130,00 which was the exact same price as these, we basically saved a lot of money. These are very comfortable, very warm, and look SO GOOD with tights and dresses or skirts. They also look cute with jeans, and they perfectly match one of my favourite winter coats that I wear all the time (the brown one in the header photo). I feel like these look a bit like Ugg boots but then more like actual shoes and less like slippers. These were an amazing addition to my winter shoedrobe, that I didn’t know I needed.

Two great pairs of shoes, right? And in my opinion, both staples in a wardrobe. I feel like I am going to get so much wear out of these in the next few years, and am very excited to style these up for cute outfits on Instagram and maybe on here as well, if I ever do another look book…

Thanks for stopping by ❤