Weekly Highlights #17

Weellll hello guys, it’s been a while..

I kind of unintentionally took a few weeks off of blogging, just to relax, but also to focus on homework and school and my internship. Oh, and also on figuring out what I want to do with my life after my internship ends at the end of this month.. I’ve figured out half of that (I know I want to do a short course in Social Media), the other half… I don’t really know yet.

But today’s not about that, today is about my Weekly Highlights! And this week’s highlight is a good one. It’s actually not just a highlight of this week, or even the past few weeks. In fact, I’ve loved this, or these, for nearly a year now. All the cold days, these have been on my feet.

“What’s been on your feet, Tara?” you might think. Well, let’s have a look…

These have been on my feet every cold day we’ve had since December 2017. And some less cold days. Pretty much every day that they didn’t sweat right off. They are the coziest comfiest slippers in the world!! I mean, I’ve never tried the Uggs slippers, but I imagine these are just as comfy. They are from the brand Warmbat Australia, a brand they sell at Nelson here in the Netherlands, and they do loads of comfy cozy fluffy slippers. I love the thick and sturdy sole on these, it means I can run into the garden with them on if I need to throw away something or whatever and not feel like I’m on my socks. I slip these on my feet as soon as I get out of bed, and basically wear these all day when I’m at home. They are so warm and comfy, and the cold ankle problem that these do give me is easily resolved by wearing some fluffy socks, which also adds even more warm comfy coziness. I love these, and I will wear these until they fall apart. Which won’t be for a long time I’m sure, considering how amazing these still look after a year.

That’s this week’s (year’s) highlight guys, such a good one right? Who doesn’t love slippers 😉

Anyways, I’m easing back into the blogging thing again. I missed it these few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by❤