New In Fashion – Autumn/Winter 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! What better way to spent Christmas than to share what I shopped recently? 😉

I mean, I can think of a few things (FOOOOOOOOOOD and with family) but showing you my new items is a good way as well, hihi.

I know I already did a sort of autumn/winter haul a while ago, but I did some more shopping recently and I wanted to share them.

I mean, there were a few things I needed, and a few things I wanted, and a few things I just treated myself to.

The first few things in this haul I actually got a few weeks ago when I was on my birthday trip. As in, G got me a fun little trip for my birthday, not as in it was my birthday recently (my birthday was in December). We went to The Hague, which was so fun! I’ve actually lived near there for most of my life, and G has spent a lot of time there as well because both his brother and sister used to live there. We even had our first sort of date there!

But we never actually spent a fun weekend there playing tourist, whenever we are in The Hague we are meeting up with friends or we have a party or something, we never take the time to just walk around and visit a museum or something. So we did that on my birthday trip and it was SO MUCH FUN. And we obviously also did some shopping, because The Hague is great for that!

And then I also did some more shopping where I live. Like I said, I needed some more winter items and some basic items as well. And now I honestly think I am all set for the upcoming months!

Let’s see what I got!!

This sweet baby deserves it’s own little section. Isn’t she pretty?! You may notice that this is basically the crossbody handbag version of the coin purse I got a few weeks ago, and I love it. The story behind this is that I got a very generous giftcard from my internship for Christmas (very early Christmas, that is) and I wanted to spend it on something really nice. I was trying to decide between a winter coat, some Chelsea or OTK boots or a handbag, depending on what I would find. I was still uhming and ahing too much over a coat though, and I couldn’t find the perfect boots. And when I saw this baby I knew I needed it.
So like I said, it is basically the cross body  bag version of my Michael Kors coin purse I showed you in this post. The leather and colour are the same, it is so soft and pretty. It is a little smaller and less roomy than my brown cross body bag that I wear all the time, but it fits the essentials (including a small paperback book, YAY). It looks casual but chic, and the reason I like it so much (I think) is because it reminds me of the Gucci Soho Disco bag. I’ve been lusting over that one for a while now but it is waaaaay out of my price range. This one is a good €600 or €700 less at a somewhat reasonable €195,00. I had to put a bit of my own money in it as well, but it is more than worth it and I love it!

The other thing I shopped on the The Hague trip (other than a few books which will be in my December book haul) is actually two things. Two cashmere sweaters. My very first cashmere sweaters in fact, and now I don’t want anything else. These are SO SOFT. Also, pretty darn expensive at €90,00 each. However at the time that I got these at Hudson’s Bay they were on offer: 2 for the price of 1! I couldn’t not get them, right?! And I am so glad I did. They look great, are so soft, go well with my wardrobe, keep me wonderfully warm, and did I already mention how soft they are? Because they are. I’ve worn them underneath bigger jumpers for an extra warm layer, I’ve worn them on their own, I’ve worn them with cozy cardigans on top, I’ve worn them every way possible, probably. I got them in the dark red round neck and the light grey v-neck, but they have them in loads more colours and a gorgeous turtleneck as well. G got the same jumpers in the men’s size obviously, in a medium grey and a dark blue and he’s obsessed with them as well. I am definitely going to invest in more cashmere items.

I also did a little bit of secondhand shopping. I needed a new winter coat. I mean, my cream one from Zara is still fine, but it’s getting so dirty and it is a bit short on me, so I wanted a new one. And I found this GAP parka for €42 in a secondhand store where I live. It is perfect! So warm without being too thick or big, it fits a nice big sweater underneath and it also just looks nice. Very happy with this purchase.
The other thing I picked up in that secondhand store is this over-sized cream sweater, and I am now obsessed with it. Is it as soft as my cashmere ones? No. But I love the fit and colour and it is still very soft and amazing and so easy to style.

I then also picked two things up at Mango. Two things I have been looking for for a while now, so that’s good. The first thing are these trousers, which are so comfortable but also very chic when paired with a good pair of high heels. They would also look so good with (white) sneakers as well though (which I still need to get..). I got these in the Mango sale and they fit perfectly on me!
One thing that I’ve been looking for for over a year now is a black turtleneck T-shirt that doesn’t make me feel like I am being strangled, which is often my problem with turtlenecks.. This one is perfect though, it has a mock neck, meaning that it isn’t as high as a turtleneck but still gives the same effect. It is loose enough around my neck that I can still breathe but it isn’t saggy. Very happy with this one as well.

The last three things I got are more basics and a present. My black camisoles that I wear underneath everything in the winter are old and worn and on one of them the strap broke, so I picked up two plain ones and one with a cute lace trim on the top that also fits a little looser. Very happy to have some fresh new nice ones.
And lastly my mother-in-law gave me this knitted skirt that we had seen a while back. It is a long black pencil skirt, but the knitted material makes it a bit more casual and very comfy. I still need to figure out how to style this as I find pencil skirts a bit difficult sometimes, but I am very very happy with it.

Alright, that’s all the new fashion bits I got recently. I am very happy with all of these (otherwise I wouldn’t have picked them up, duh..) and now I am going to STOP SHOPPING. Unless I find the perfect Chelsea boots or white sneakers.. But that is all!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year guys ❤