Nail Polish Collection – The Others

I meant to put this up last week but I forgot.. Oops.. But today it really is time for the last installment of my nail polish collection.

These are the brands that I don’t have enough of to give them their own post, and to be honest, most of these polishes I haven’t worn or thought of in months. Still, I can’t let go of them yet, some because they are a beautiful colour but just very old, some because “I might want to wear them someday”. Yea right. A few of these used to be favourites and I am not ready to let go of them yet. Let’s see which one’s which.


So I’ve got 2 Essie polishes left in my collection. I used to have a ton, but most of them have since been decluttered, and now I am left with 46 Damsel In A Dress and 30 Bachelorette Bash.
Damsel In A Dress is a dark eggplant colour with a slight shimmer. It is definitely not as dark as Hema Nightwatch, but still very dark and it looks really cool on the nails. It is perfect for the darker colder months.
Bachelorette Bash is the perfect bright pink. It looks so fun and barbie-ish on the nails, very girly. I love this for when I want to pop. Also, this is great for Valentine’s day don’t you think?


I ended up with 3 Rimmel polishes. I think I used to have a very pale pink, but I clearly do not own that one anymore. The three that I’m left with are 415 Instyle Coral, 513 Let’s Get Nude and 500 Caramel Cupcake.
Instyle Coral is a gorgeous summer shade, it makes you look nice and tan and I especially love it on my toes. It also look great in brown leather sandals 😉
Let’s Get Nude is one of the colours I got whilst on the hunt for the perfect nude. I haven’t found The One yet, but I do like this one a lot. It is a light nude, and a very neutral nude in my opinion. It looks very sweet and soft on the nails, but doesn’t entirely match my skin tone.
Caramel Cupcake is another one that I got during that search, this one is a little darker, it’s got a definitely caramel brown tint to it (as the name might suggest) and again, it looks really nice but it’s not that perfect nude for me yet.
Both of these I will probably use until they are completely tacky and gross and un-usable, because I really like both (all three, as Instyle Coral is great too). Also the brush of the Rimmel polishes is great: nice and thick and flat. Just how I like it.


I love Essence as a beauty brand, however they’re nail polishes have never really drawn me in. I own 2, and haven’t really had many more in the past.
The purple-ish pink shimmery one, 04 Beam Me Up, I got from a friend, and I’ve never used it. I do like it though, which is why I still have it in my collection, and I plan on wearing it sometime soon.
The nude one, 98 Pure Beauty, is AMAZING. Honestly, it comes really close to what I think my perfect nude might be. I am afraid though that this might be getting old and that I won’t be able to use it much longer, so I’ll have to check if they still sell this and if they do I need to get a new one… 

Barry M

And lastly, my one Barry M polish. This used to be soooo popular on Youtube and in the blogging world, and when my boyfriend lived in England 4 years ago and I went to visit him every month I got sucked in and picked up a few colour. The only one I still have now is 517 Passion Fruit, a really bright orange-y pink. So perfect for summer, it makes me look tan and summery and it really pops on the nails. I don’t love this formula though, it’s quite thick and the brush is very skinny, which don’t go well together..  However, the colour is amazing and I will keep this in my collection for as long as the brush doesn’t bother the hell out of me.

And that was the end of my nail polish collection. I’ve enjoyed doing this as I’ve rediscovered some old favourites and it has also reminded me that I really don’t need any new ones until I finish or declutter some more of these. It also made me realize that I have too many red polishes, but I love them all 😀

Thanks for stopping by ❤