Nail Polish Collection – Hema

On Wednesday you got Catrice, today I am sharing my Hema polishes ๐Ÿ˜€

So, if you follow my blog regularly you might know that I love Hema products. Their lipsticks – both liquid and classic – are some of my faves, I own a bunch of their brushes, and basically all my notebooks are from there. I also love their clothing items (underwear: cute and comfy) and I recently got a steam pan that is amazing. 
And their nail polishes? They are great! Especially since they started giving them names (I love names on my makeup items). I own quite a few of their polishes compared to other brands in my collection, all in the same colour scheme as you will see soon, but since I discovered the Catrice polishes I’ve actually not worn these a whole lot. However, as I was taking this photo I already fell in love again with all of these colours, and I will probably paint my nails with one of these very very soon!

So. All red, or some form of red. And a topcoat. These are all Hema long lasting nail polishes, I believe these are the only polishes they make, and I like them a lot. I don’t love them as much as the Catrice polishes, but buy, these are pretty as well!

long lasting top coat

So I’m actually not really a top coat kinda girl, but every once in a while I decide to try it again. That is how this top coat ended up in my collection. To be honest, I don’t really use this one on my nails. It is however very handy for when there is a hole in my tights or something like that, so I am keeping it. I just can’t really tell you if this makes a difference on how long my nail polish lasts, so sorry for that๐Ÿ˜…


I actually got introduced to these Hema polishes by by eldest sister, who gave them to be for Sinterklaas a few years back. This dark purple-ish shimmery red is one of them. It is a really cool deep December shade, for when you want something a little festive but not too bright. I also just realized this is nail polish matched my Stitch, Please “Coffee” hoodie PERFECTLY, so I am going to wear these two together someday soon. Although this is not my favourite polish of the bunch I still like it a lot, and it has survived many a declutter session.

217 Cool off umber

I one I bought myself after falling in love with the polishes. It is a dark pinkish red, in my head a gorgeous Valentine’s colour for when you don’t want to go super pink or ordinary red. It is an interesting colour, as I am constantly wondering if I’d call this more a reddish pink or a pinkish red. I’m currently leaning towards a pinkish red, but I might change my mind in a few months time..

222 nightwatch

Is this not a super cool colour? It’s almost black – but it’s not. Instead this is a very deep dark reddish purple, which looks so cool in the nails for the winter time. I am actually thinking of painting my nails this colour after writing this post, or on the weekend. I really like that it is not just black, I don’t know how I feel about true black polishes, this one is just a bit more interesting but still very edgy and cool and kinda chic as well I think. Yep, I love it. 


This, another one my sister gave me, is the perfect red. Like, when you think red nail polish this is the colour that comes to mind. A true, bright red. I don’t know what else to say about this, except that this sort of red will be in my collection forever. 


And lastly, probably my other favourite Hema polish, and THE PERFECT Christmas colour. It is a true red, like the previous one, maybe a little brighter, AND IT HAS SHIMMERS IN IT!!! Basically this is Christmas in a nail polish, I think it’s so pretty and it looks really cool on the nails as well. I will definitely be wearing this on my nails for Christmas, I am already so excited!!

Thats’s all 6 Hema nail polishes I currently own. And to be honest, I am itching to go back to my local Hema and buy some more, as they have a giant collection, all the colours you can imagine basically. 
Now I will say, formula and brush wise I think I prefer the Catrice polishes, this brush is a little skinnier which makes it harder to paint the nails, and I feel like the Catrice ones last a bit longer on the nails. However, with these stunning colours, I can totally live with those things, and m- much like Catrice – these are sooo budget friendly!

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