Nail Polish Collection – Catrice

Nail polish, who doesn’t love it?

Well, lots of people I’m sure, but I do love them. A good manicure instantly makes me feel and look more put together, and I love wearing different colours in different seasons or picking them depending on the mood that I’m in.

I own quite a few polishes (not that many, but still a fair amount) all from different brands, but over the past few months I’ve really fallen in love with one line of polishes for one particular brand: Catrice. I feel like, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I love Catrice as a brand – so affordable but good products, and I’m pretty sure they are cruelty free, even have some vegan products. And my love for their nail polishes is no different. The ones I’ve tried so far are soooo good, and they have some great colours!

So for this first part of my nail polish collection, I thought I’d share the four Catrice nail polishes I currently own.


10. ROsywood Hills

This is a dark reddish pinkish neutral, and perfect for the autumn/winter time. I got this, together with the lightest colour, in a set, and this is what introduced me to this line of Catrice nail polishes. To be honest, I bought the set for the lightest colour, but this one is gorgeous as well. It is dark enough that it stands out nicely, but it is still a very understated colour that goes with pretty much everything and looks very lovely on the hands. I don’t love it as much for my toes – I feel like it’s maybe a little too understated for the feet – but I love it nonetheless.

11. Go for gold

This colour, I love. So much so that it was featured in one of my weekly highlights a few weeks back. It’s just so cool and interesting, whilst still being somewhat neutral because of the simple colour. But the fact that it’s metallic makes it pop SO MUCH, and whenever I’m wearing this on my fingers I can’t stop staring at my hands. it also looks sooo good on the toes, again because it just pops, and it’s so shimmery and pretty and aaah. Love it. It is a perfect autumn colour, and also perfect for a party.

38. honeymoon is coming soon

You guys. I’m so sad. It seems like they don’t sell this colour anymore! Like I said before, I got this in a set maybe a year ago? But I got the set because this looked like the PERFECT very light nude colour, and it is. I love love love this colour, it is probably my favourite polish in my collection and when I don’t know what I want on my nails I always reach for this one. It is perfect for every occasion, every season, every always. I am going to go to the store soon to see if they just changed the name, or if they actually broke my heart and discontinued this colour. This is what made me fall in love with Catrice nail polishes.

08. catch of the day

This is the only colour I that I haven’t worn yet, mainly because I got this more towards the end of summer/early autumn and this is a very summery colour. But I am very excited to wear this in when the weather gets warmer again, I think this is beautiful for spring and might be the perfect soft pink/salmon colour. I also think this will make you look sooo tanned, so will be great for the toes as well. I’ll report back on this when the weather is more appropriate for this colour (or when I’m sick of the dark or neutral colours).

So those are all my Catrice polishes (for now, I will probably get more in the future). I’ve been pretty much exclusively wearing these on my nails, but I already know that this little nail polish collection series will help me rediscover some old favourites as well.
Anyways, all of these Catrice polishes are from the ICONails gel lacquer line, the only line of polishes I’ve tried so far from the brand, but I don’t think I need to try any others (if they even make different polishes). This line is amazing: opaque, long-lasting and the brush is nice and flat and big, so it covers a lot of nail at once. I would highly recommend these polishes!

Thanks for stopping by ❤