A Mini Michael Kors Unbagging

So. I was planning on doing an different post today. But then I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping, and I wanted to show you what I got.

When I say “a little bit” I mean a little bit. I only got one thing but it’s something I’ve been wanting for while and since Michael Kors had a 20% discount currently I thought “hell, why not get it now?” Sooo. I did 😊!

Aah, isn’t she a beaut??!! I love this thing. “This thing” being the Michael Kors Mercer wallet in the maroon pebbled leather with gold hardware. I spent some time trying to decide between this colour, a darker read, the tricolour red and a cream, but ultimately I love this red the most, it’s fun and a bit brighter, but not so bright that it’s more summer or spring appropriate, and it’s just a bit different in my collection. And I love it.
The reason I got a new wallet is because I’ve had my cardholder (the thing that made me fall in love with Michael Kors SLG ‘s and leather goods in general) for nearly 2 years now and I felt like it was time for something different for a bit. I also find myself getting a bit annoyed something with not having everything in ome place; I only carried my most important cards (ID, public transport card, debit card, etc) in the cardholder, but any store point saving cards or cash wouldn’t fit in there so I often carried around a little coin purse with the extra stuff anyways. But now I don’t have to! This baby is still small, but all my stuff fits in it! There are 8 places to put cards (4 on the inside, 4 on the outside) and there’s a little zipper compartment for coins. The zipper feels nice and sturdy and like, I’m just obsessed.

Did you buy anything in the Black Friday sales?

Thanks for stopping buy ❤