Autumn/Winter Fashion 2018

The colder weather has really kicked in these last few weeks, and that can only mean one thing: WINTER FASHION!

Although I have lived in the Netherlands my entire life, I still can’t handle the cold. As soon as the weather sinks under 15°C I am constantly shivering. My hands and feet get cold, my nose starts to run, I usually get sick at least once and I seriously start to consider hibernation. Luckily there is such a thing as sweaters. Soft, cozy, comfy sweaters. And layers, preferably lots of them. Scarfs, gloves, hats, boots, faux fur vests… Yes to all of them.

So for today’s post I have made a small selection of my favourite new winter clothing items that I have collected over the past few months, and will be living in for the next few months. Let’s get right into them.


Fiiiiirst off, scarves. I have two new ones this season and I love them both! The black, white and pink one is a perfect transition one, it is nice and big so I can use it as a blanket but also not too thick and chunky. My mother-in-law gave this to me, and I am pretty sure it is one of her amazing secondhand finds. I’ve been wearing this quite a lot these past 2 months.
That big long pink one is my pride and joy though, because I knitted it myself. AAH. I am very proud of it. The reason I decided to knit a scarf is because I wanted a super long one but couldn’t find anything I liked. Or anything super long for that matter. And since I did learn how to knit in school I decided to just give it a try. It took me nearly a year of knitting on and off but it it now finished and nearly twice as long as me! I can comfortably wrap it around my neck 3 times and still tie it up, so it’ll keep me suuuuper nice and warm and comfy and cozy this winter. It looks so cute with my leather jacket, but will also work lovely with my fave winter coat. I am currently working on a matching hat (I don’t know if it’ll work out yet/ be done before the end of the winter) and will probably figure out if I can do matching mittens as well. I don’t know if that will work though.


Now for sweaters. I got three new ones this year, and I’ve already been wearing them a ton! I also got rid of a bunch of sweaters earlier this year (my sisters took some from me which is always nice :)) so the purchases were definitely justified and actually kind of necessary.
Starting with the one I am wearing in this photo. It is a Mango whole blend sweater that I got for around €35,00 and that has been featured on my Instagram a ton already, and I’ve worn it even more often than you can see on there. I love this, the shape, the length, the sleeves, the colour. Perfection. I actually didn’t own any sweater this colour until I picked this one up and it’s so refreshing to have something different. It looks great tucked into jeans/trousers/skirts, but also worn long like in the photo. Definitely a great purchase that will last me a long time.
The grey sweater. Aaah. When I saw that Stitch, Please did different sizes I knew I had to get another sweater of theirs. I already have two and wear them so much, but they are both over-sized, so having this one in a size S is a nice change. For those who don’t know, Stitch, Please (how cute is the name?) is a Dutch company, and they sell hand embroidered t-shirts and sweaters, along with some accessories and home wear bits, and they have lovely products (I have 3 t-shirts of theirs as well). I already have this design in a black tee, but loved it enough to get the sweater as well. I love the light grey, and the size – like I said – as well. It looks sooo cute layered with a turtleneck tee and tucked into jeans! This sweater was €40,00 and totally worth the price (it’s so soooft).
And lastly, a brown cotton sweater. This might be my favourite just for the price: I picked it up for only €1,00! WHAAAAT?! And it is in such good condition! I picked this up when G and I went to a secondhand store where everything is €1,00 (told you about that already in this book haul) and G actually found it for me. As soon as I saw it I had to have it. It is by the brand Cos – which I believe is a pretty pricey brand – and it is 100% cotton which makes it easy to wash and comfortable to wear. Again, this looks good with so much, and I like the colour a lot. It is different enough from the Mango sweater that I feel like the both really add something to my wardrobe. And I am happy with this purchase.


As for jeans, I also got three. Did I need anymore jeans? No, but yes. I live in jeans pretty much all autumn and winter long (and spring and part of summer as well), and my blue Only jeans are getting a bit worn out, so I though I’d get some new ones. The darkest blue jeans were the first in this little series that I got, and although I love the look of them (and the fit, but that’s because they are my basic only jeans fit – the Royal High – that I always wear) they do still transfer colour which is a bit annoying. It means I have to be careful what I wear them with, as a light coloured top can turn blue very quick. I am hoping that with a few more washes this will be resolved though, because I definitely love them.
The slightly lighter blue pair is a Levis pair that I picked up in the final sale of a store here where I live that is closing. Which is sad, but it does mean that I got them for €80,00 instead of €110,00 or something. I love the fit of these, they do feel better quality than my €30,00 Only jeans which is good for that price, but they are still nice and stretchy and comfortable to wear. They are slightly wider at the ankle than my Only jeans which is a nice change of look, and there is just something about them that makes my legs look great. Also, these don’t transfer colour, YAY!
And then onto the grey pair, another colour variation of my beloved Only Royal High jeans, and boy do I love this colour variation. It looks sooooo good with the Mango sweater and a new pair of light coloured Adidas sneakers I picked up recently (I am now realizing how much I’ve been shopping over the past 2 months…). But this colour is seriously great and I am glad I got it. I haven’t had a pair of grey jeans in so long actually, but G has two pairs and one day I was just looking at him and realized I wanted a grey pair as well so we could match lol. Now he just needs a brownish/camel coloured sweater. Maybe not the pastel pink Adidas sneakers though..
Anyways, there is just one more pair of jeans I want before I’m all set. I spotted a light wash denim that felt very sturdy in Only the other day that I really wanted to try on, because I thing that pair might be the perfect different replacement for my blue Only jeans that I’ve worn to death. But before I get that pair I need to try it on.. I will naturally keep you posted on if I get them of not 😉
(Also, sorry for the wrinkled look of all of these, I wore all three jeans before I took this photo and thus had to take them out of the laundry basket..)


Aaaaand last, but certainly not least, I picked up the softest thing I will ever touch in my life. Discounted from €30,00 to only €7,00! I died when I saw that. Here’s the backstory though: my sister-in-law and I got G the coziest Hema hoodie a few years ago for the holidays, and I’ve been trying to steal it ever since. I thought about getting one for myself but at first the Hema near me didn’t sell these, and then when they got them I though €30,00 was a bit much considering I already have a bunch of comfy cozy sweaters. But when I was in my local Hema the other day and saw that this one was on sale I knew I needed to buy it because it was the only change I’d get. And now I am the proud (and very cozy comfortable warm) owner of this super soft hoodie. I got it in an L because I wanted it to be nice and big, and although the colour isn’t my favourite I still love this thing. I’m not going to wear it as a cute “out” item anyways.

Wow, that was a lot. BUT I am now all set for winter and will hopefully make it through these upcoming colder months. If I layer all these things on top of each other…

Winter, I’m ready for you!

Thanks for stopping by ❤