Autumn/Winter Perfumes 2018

If there is one beauty product I spend a lot of money on, it’s perfumes.

Everything else I can usually find at a lower price, there are some amazing budget makeup brands out there, and for skincare you can find some lovely things mid-range. But I do loooove me some luxury perfumes. I feel like they just have the best scents, the prettiest bottles, they last the longest, and – let’s be real – they are the most fun to buy. It’s like a really expensive present to yourself every time you walk out of the store with a new addition to the collection.

I have some summer scents, some winter scents, some all year round scents and some perfumes that I just need in my collection always. Today – as the title of this post might have given away – I am sharing my winter perfumes (and why I love them!).


Marc Jacobs – Decadence

You guys I’m so sad! I am very much running out of this perfume, if I wear it as much as I have over the past nearly 2,5 years this baby will be in an empties post by the end of winter, which is just sad to think about. Partly because this is probably my favourite heavier perfume, partly because it is painfully expensive. Not that I wouldn’t pay the €65,00 for 30 ml all over again (although I would probably get it when there’s an offer going on) but still, that’s a lot of money. Buuut like I said, this is definitely one of my favourite perfumes. When I wear this it brings be back to the autumn/winter that I worked in the best bookstore in Delft, because around that time I got two samples of this scent and that’s when I fell in love with it. This is so very strong, but in a good way. When I wear a scarf whilst having this on my scarf smells like this for daaays, which I always love. I wear this during the day, no problem, but I can imagine this being a great evening scent for some people.
The notes – according to the Internet – are Italian plum, iris flower, and saffron, and it is described as a sensual, luxurious, woody fragrance (which I totally agree with!)

Emporio Armani – Because It’s You

I got this one not knowing how it smelled and if I would like this, but luckily it was a hit. Not that I paid for it (but I probably will when I run out of this), I got it from my sister a few months ago, who got it as a present but she doesn’t wear perfume. But oh my, I love this a lot! It is – for me – the perfect every day autumn winter scent, warm and deep but not too strong and overwhelming (although I clearly don’t mind that either). I’ve been wearing this one pretty much exclusively for the past two weeks or so, and it is great. I also love the simple bottle. I definitely want to smell the male version of this one as well, called ‘Stronger With You’ because how cute would it be if G and I had matching scents?!
The notes – according to the Internet – are rose, vanilla and white musk, and 30 ml costs around €59,00.

Dolce & Gabbana – The One

Funny story, I got by saving up points at the grocery store. And then I bought this with a 50% discount. And I love this perfume, obviously otherwise I wouldn’t have this in my collection. I firstly love the bottle, how simple but still eye catching it is. Apparently this was a limited edition bottle or something, I don’t really know the details. But I like it. The scent is obviously a very well known one, both for men and women, and I understand why, it is lovely. I feel like it is a very easy to wear fragrance, but very glamorous and sophisticated as well, and when I run out of this (I probably have a few seasons left luckily) I will happily get this again. I also looove the male version on my boyfriend, it is very earthy and deep!
The notes – according to the Internet – are bergamot and mandarin (top notes), madonna lily (heart) and vanilla, amber and musk (base) and a bottle of 30 ml costs nearly €69,00

Clearly I have an expensive taste when it comes to perfumes. Also, I am terrible at describing them. But I love these three, and would highly recommend giving them a sniff next time you’re at a perfume selling place!

Thanks for stopping by ❤