Weekly Highlights #15

It took me nearly 2 years, but finally, I found them!!

Yes, I am not going to have a cute lil’ intro where I tell you about my week (although I will quickly apologize for not having a post up on Tuesday as I’ve been sick these past few days and I didn’t write ahead), I am going to jump right in with this week’s highlight: I FOUND THE PERFECT BLACK HEELED BOOTIES!! AND I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Yes, it took me nearly two years to find the perfect, fancy but casual heeled but not too high heeled booties. I had this clear picture in my mind of what I wanted and I just didn’t find anything that matched it perfectly (or perfectly enough) since I decided I wanted them. And then three weeks ago I did, and I am over the moon excited and in love. These are my new babies:


Excuse the bad quality photo, lighting isn’t great this month.. BUUUT aren’t they pretty? These are from Sacha, a shoe store here in the Netherlands and I don’t know where else (I’m pretty sure they have the store in Belgium as well, but that’s all I know). They are the Sacha Premium brand, a better quality line they sell I think, and Oh. My. God. these are so comfortable. I wore them out, like out out clubbing, and to my friend’s birthday party last weekend and my feet just didn’t hurt. I can wear them a good amount of time without my feet hurting, and I only got blisters in these once but that was after I wore a different pair of shoes that actually already gave me blisters. Can you tell I am obsessed with these shoes? Anyways, they were originally €120,00 but I got them with 20% off, and I just saw on the site that they are now on sale for €95,99 so get them here if you are as in love as I am! I usually wear a shoe size 38,5/39 but got these in a 38 and they fit perfectly, I didn’t even really have to break them in. Honestly, I am in love. And obsessed. And in love. And obsessed. Okay I’ll stop now.

I feel like these will last me a good amount of time as they feel of great quality, and they literally go with everything I’ve wanted to wear them with so far. Yes, I love.

Sooo that was it for this week’s AMAZING highlight.

Thanks for stopping by<3