Weekly Highlights #14

I love a bold lip. My boyfriend? Not so much…

Which is why I don’t wear them that often. Like, he won’t kiss me if I’m wearing a bolder lipstick, or any lipstick in general. Unless it’s one of those long lasting non-transferring ones, and even then he is skeptical.

But this post is not about my boyfriend, it’s about the lipstick. As soon as autumn comes I want all the deep dark lipsticks in the world, I love that look in the colder months. And so this week’s highlight is my new favourite darker lip combination!


These two pretties are the Hema long lasting lipstick in 25 “Muddy Mood” (I hate that name) and the Hema long lasting lip liner in 05 “Bordeaux”. The liner is a bit more deep and purple-ish, whereas the lipstick is a dark neutral red-brown, if there is such a thing. Together they are dark lip goodness. I’ve been wearing this not every day (my boyfriend would kill me if I did that) but a lot still. I actually love it for work, I feel like it is just bold enough to where it is interesting but still neutral enough to have it on for work. I can wear this with a super simple eye look and feel so very put-together and fancy. It is comfortable to wear (especially with a lip balm underneath) and last a pretty good time. Not super long, although that might be because of the above-mentioned lip balm, but well enough to where I don’t have to worry about it until after lunch. This does not pass the kiss test though, it definitely leaves a mark on my mugs (everyone at work knows which one’s mine, which is great, haha!) and so like I said my boyfriend won’t come near me with it on. But I feel amazing in this lip, and very autumnal (and it’ll work for Christmas too!) and I love it.
A simple camel coloured sweater, dark jeans, a sweep of gold on the eye and this lip? YES, please!!!

Thanks for stopping by ❤