Hair Care Routine 2018

After my morning and evening skincare routine, and and update on new products, I thought it was time to do an updated hair care routine as well.

It has been a year and a half since I did my first one, and although I thought not much had changed, as I was looking back at the post I realized not only have the products I use now changed, my actual routine is different now as well. Some things are still the same – I wash my hair once a week max on Sundays (Saturdays or Mondays if I’m too lazy or busy on Sunday) – but some things have definitely changed.
I am trying to grow out my hair at the moment. It is a pretty good length right now, but I want it much much longer still. So I try to go to the hairdresser about once every 2-3 months, depending on when I remember, and get the dead ends cut off and some layers around my face to give it some shape. No layers anywhere else, so my hair stays nice and thick throughout.
I also hardly ever use heat tools on my hair. I have a hairdryer which I use if I really really need to dry my hair quickly, but 9 out of the 10 times I let it air-dry, and I tend to sleep on it when it’s still slightly damp if I wash it at night, which is usually the case.

Now for the stuff that I use on my hair on a weekly or daily basis…:


  • Tangle Teaser. This is what my hair washing routine starts with, my very favourite brush: the tangle teaser. I’ve been using this one for years and still love it. It runs through my hair so smoothly and makes my hair feel soft and detangled without pulling on it. I don’t use this necessarily as my every day brush – I keep this one in my bathroom and use a big paddle brush morning and night – but I always use this on wet hair or before starting my hair washing routine. I do have a travel sized one that I use, duh, when I’m away.
  • Hair ties. I use the Invisabobble (or one that looks like it) every day, all the time, like a holy grail hair tie for buns and ponytails. I love this thing, it is so much more comfortable that a regular hairband. For braids, however, I use a regular one (without the metal part though!). I braid my hair every night before I go to sleep because not only is it out of the way, it also gives my hair a nice wave and I feel like it really helps with keeping my hair a bit more detangled.
  • The Body Shop Banana hair mask. I wash my hair on Sunday, like I said, and every Sunday I use this hair mask. I wet my hair in the sink with cold water, towel dry it, lather this stuff in it (it smells aaaahmazing) and keep it in for as long as I can. If I spend the day at home I keep this in aaaall day. If not, I try to have this in for at least half an hour before I take a shower and wash it out.
  • Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo. I wash that mask out with my Head & Shoulders shampoo. I started using this because I do have an itchy scalp and dandruff every now and then and I was curious to see if it actually helps. Not sure if it helps with the dandruff, but my scalp feel great and my hair does too!! I’ve been switching between the different lines that they do, and am currently using the apple one.
  • Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold conditioner. Recently I’ve started using conditioner again. I used to not use it because I was already using the hair mask, but I wanted to add a little extra moisture in back in the ends because I do feel like, because I mask first and shampoo later, sometimes the mask gets rinsed out a little too well. This was just the first one I could find, and I like it well enough, but I am definitely going to try some more conditioners before I settle on one. I put this in my hair – focusing on the ends – leave it in whilst I wash my body and rinse it out after a few minutes.
  • Cotton tee. This may be weird, but I like this step a lot. After getting out of the shower the very first thing I do is wrap my body in a towel and stick my hair under the cold tap in the sink. I seriously feel like this helps make my hair feel softer and look shinier. And then I squeeze out the excess water and wrap my hair in an old soft cotton tee. I read or heard once that it is better than a towel and that this helps with frizz, and I’ve just been using and liking it ever since.
  • Karine Jackson The Nourisher intense repair hair oil. This is a very recent step in my routine, I’ve only used it once so far. But my hairdresser recommended I use a hair oil after washing it, so when I saw the cute packaging of this one at Holland & Barrett (I’ve been LOOOOVING that store lately) I thought I would give it a try. So after my hair’s been wrapped in the shirt for a while and feel somewhat not soaking wet anymore, I brush it with my tangle teaser and run a few drops of this stuff through the ends of my hair. So far – after using it once – I think I like it, but I’m sure I’ll report back once I’m sure what I think of it.
  • Aussie volume dry shampoo & Kruitvat refreshing dry shampoo. And lastly in my hair I use dry shampoo. These two are the ones I’m using currently, but normally I always have a bottle of the Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes one in my house. That one is my favourite, and these don’t come anywhere near it in how my hair feels and looks. I use dry shampoo normally on Thursday or Friday, and it usually keeps my hair going till the next wash.

Aaaand that is all I use on my hair on a regular basis. I do own a Hema heat protector that I use once in a blue moon when I blow-dry my hair, but it wasn’t worth mentioning in here as it is not part of my routine.
Most of the products mentioned above are longtime favourites and probably will be in my routine for a looooong looong time, but if I do ever switch things up you will be the first to know!

Thanks for stopping by ❤