Empties #7

It hasn’t even been a month, but I already finished a bunch of beauty products. Sooooo it is time for another Empties!!

For the last while I’ve been slightly shocked at how much plastic and packaging in general I accumulate with these beauty products, and doing these empties posts makes me realize it more and more. It is definitely a motivation to cut back on packaging and think about a more sustainable beauty routine. If you have any tips, please share as they are more than welcome!

I am also so far managing to do the whole empties posts thing regularly enough that there are not too many products, so this should be a short and sweet post :).


  • Batiste dry shampoo. Is it even an empties post of mine if it doesn’t feature Batiste dry shampoo? Fun fact though, I haven’t repurchased this one yet after finishing it this time, because I have a few travel sized dry shampoos that I need to use up first.
  • Garnier Fructies Sleek & Shine shampoo. I used to use this shampoo before I switched it for the Head & Shoulders ones, and this one was still in my shower. I think my boyfriend used up most of this, but I used the last bit when I ran out of my regular shampoo and forgot to repurchase it. I didn’t love it though, so won’t repurchase it.
  • Head & Shoulders Extra Volume shampoo. This I liked. Head & Shoulders in general I like. I don’t know if my hair was necessary more voluminous after using this than with other shampoos, so I don’t know if the volume one is the one for me, but Head & Shoulders will definitely stay in my hair care routine for a while.
  • The Body Shop Honey Mania body butter. I don’t know why, but it took me soooo long to use this up, even though this is one of my favourite scents that The Body Shop do, and I like their body butters a lot. I think it’s the  DM body oil that has just completely taken over my body care and pushed this to the back of my shelve, but I made an effort to use this up in the last few weeks. I liked this a lot, and would most likely pick it up again in the future once I’ve work my way through the rest of my body lotions/butters/oils.
  • Makeup Academy Pro-Base moisturizing primer. I did not like this. In fact, I didn’t even use it up. I just felt like it did nothing for me or my makeup, so much so that I found myself never using it. So I’ve decided to just get rid of it because I know I will not reach for it.
  • Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm. Another product I did not use up, but I did actually love this lip balm. The twisty thing broke though, so I couldn’t use it anymore. I will probably at one point pick this up again, because it is really great.
  • Essence False Lashes mascara. Note to self, pick this one up when you run out of you current mascara. I think I’ve found a pretty close dupe for the DiorShow mascara that I LOVE in this €4,00 Essence mascara, and I am so so happy because the Dior one is over €30,00 which is just painful. This mascara gave me great length and volume and gorgeous lashes in general, and I will pick it up again soon!

See, not too many products this time. I’m trying to use things up currently that have been in my collection for a long time, and once I’ve done that I am going to try to make better choices product and packaging wise, as it is just ridiculous how much plastic and stuff I trow away every time. Again, tips are more than welcome!!!

Thanks for stopping by ❤