Weekly Highlights #13

Last week I thought I’d show you some new bits, this week we are back with the Weekly Highlights!

And this weeks highlights – I’ve got two – are both things I have been loving for a few weeks now. One I didn’t even really notice I was loving until I started thinking about the highlights, but I’ve honestly been reaching for it every day.


A perfume and a nail polish, both very autumn appropriate. One is an old favourite, the other one fairly new. Let’s start with the perfume.

Hugo Bosch Orange was the very first luxury perfume I ever owned – my grandma got it for me when I was 14 – and it is still a perfume I love and always want to have in my collection. Do I have other perfumes that I love more? Yes. But this is such an easy to wear scent for me, and whenever I don’t know what to wear I reach for this one. And in the past few weeks I have found myself reaching for this one every day. It is an in between seasons perfume for me – when it’s not cold enough to wear my autumn/winter scents but not warm enough to wear the summery ones – and since we’ve been in between seasons a bit these weeks (warm one minute, ice cold the next) this is the one I’ve wanted to wear. Also, I love the smell.

The nail polish is a new one, I got it about a month ago. And I love it SO MUCH. It is stunning, easy to wear, goes with everything but still an eye catcher.  It is the Catrice ICONails Gel Laquer in 11 Go For Gold. I love Catrice nail polishes, I think they are my current favourites. They have amazing colours, they last a long long time and they are so cheap!! Also, they are vegan, so if that is important to you, there you go. But this colour, oh my. I love how it’s a neutral but with a sparlke. It is gorgeous for autumn, but really it works all year round. And I love it.

So that’s my highlights this week. Short but sweet, and most importantly some amazing products.

Thanks for stopping by ❤