New Skincare – Autumn 2018

It is not too long ago that I shared my morning and evening skincare routine. Still, some things have changed.

In the last month I ran out of some products, and I am also almost running out of some products. And instead of repurchasing things I decided to try out some new bits, some that I’ve been really enjoying so far. Which is somewhat annoying because a few of these items are freaking expensive, and another one I can’t even get here in the Netherlands…


But tadaa, these are the skincare products. Let me talk you through them:

  • Bioderma mild cleansing foaming gel. Bioderma is a brand that I’ve heard A LOT about on the internet over the past few years. But I only ever hear people talk about the micelair water. So when I was in Liege this summer I decided to pick up some of their products. And because I was running low on face wash, I decided to pick up this. And shit, I like it a lot. Which is a problem because it isn’t actually sold here in the Netherlands. It is a gellike consistency that foams up nicely. My skin feels very clean but not squeaky after using this, and I like the packaging. Definitely a good new addition to my skincare routine.
  • Philosophy Purity cleansing oil for face and eyes. This is the very first Philosophy product I’ve every tried. I picked it up because I had a €5,- discount for my birthday, and I am almost out of my The Body Shop cleansing balm. I’ve used it two times now because I couldn’t wait, and I love it. First of all, the smell is amazing, very like luxurious or something, I don’t really know how to describe it. It breaks down my makeup like a dream, and washes off easily. I don’t know yet if I like an oil better than a balm, but after using this a little while longer I’m sure I will report back. This is around €21,- which is a little more than my The Body Shop one, but if I end up liking it more I think it will be worth it.
  • Holland & Barrett Dead Sea face mask. I mentioned this briefly in my evening skincare routine, and I am still liking it. It is very gentle though, now a deep-cleansing face mask, but it very calming on the skin and moisturizes well, and after using this my skin feels very soft and nice. I think I will pick up a more cleansing face mask soon, just because I like using that a lot, but I am also quite happy with this one.
  • Sukin Revitalizing Facial Scrub. I picked this up in Holland & Barrett because I ran out of my other facial scrub and this had a 25% discount. I like it, don’t love it though, because it is very gentle in my opinion. I like a scrub that actually feels like it is doing something right away, and with this one it takes a while before I feel the actual scrubbing effects. It is a good one for multiple times a week though, and my skin does feel nice after using this, so I will continue using it. Also, I like the way the packaging looks a lot, very simple and clean.
  • Holland & Barrett Dead Sea eye cream. To be honest, I’ve never noticed a difference between the eye creams I’ve used over the years. This one is different in consistency than my previous one, I think I like the consistency of this one more. But I HATE the packaging. It is fine for at home, and actually looks really nice, but this would be a pain to travel with. The big glass bottle just wouldn’t work well. Too heavy and I’d be afraid it would break. Other than that though, as an eye cream, I like it.
  • Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar SPF 25. I picked up my second Philosophy product not even a week after the first one, because I am hooked on the brand now. Honestly though, it breaks my heart how expensive it is. I paid €37,- for it, but without the 25% discount they’re doing in Ici Paris XL right now it is around €50 which is just so much. But the most annoying thing is that after only using it twice I can already tell that I will love this. I think I found my new favourite skincare brand and it is waaaay above my budget. But I’ll probably get more products anyway because skincare is important! What I love about this product in particular is that it has SPF 25, which is a little more than my current (other) daytime moisturiser, and it sinks into my skin very nicely even though the cream seems quite thick. And apparently Philosophy is all natural. But still, sooo expensive. But soooo good.

So that’s the selection of new skincare I’ve gathered over this past month or so. All good products that I am happy I got, even if they cost a fortune or are freaking annoying to travel with (or I have to travel for to get a new one….).

What are some of your favourite skincare brands or products? Anything I have to try?

Thank for stopping by ❤