Weekly Highlights #12

September was my birthday month, so I treated myself to some new electronic babies. And those new electronic babies made it into my Highlights right away!

Both these things are not necessarily for my birthday, in fact I wasn’t even thinking about my birthday when I bought these two things, but it so happened that I got them the week before my birthday so it kind of feels like a birthday present to myself. Although I didn’t actually pay for them myself. So it’s not actually a birthday present to myself. I’m rambling. Let’s see what I got.


I got a Dyson AND a new laptop and I’M SOOOO HAPPY WITH BOTH OF THEM!! They were both big purchases but like I said I didn’t pay for them myself completely (although I would have), my boyfriend and I shared the cost of the Dyson and my grandparents gifted me the laptop. Let me tell you the story of both of these.

Starting with the laptop, because that’s the one I got first. I’ve wanted another laptop for a while. Yes, I said another – I already had a laptop that works fine but it is a bit big and heavy and I wanted something more compact and easy to carry around for things like school and working on the blog and my book that I never finish in a coffee shop or something like that. I just kept putting it off, because a new laptop is expensive and like I said, I did already have a perfectly fine working laptop. But then I was in our local electronics store the other week and I was like “okay I’m just going to do it”, and when I texted my dad about it he asked if it was for school. I said “yea kind of” and then he said that because it was for school my grandparents wanted to pay for it. They gave some money to both my sisters for their university classes, so they had some money put aside for me as well, which is so incredibly kind of them. So then I picked up this baby, the HP 2-in-1 11,6 inch laptop. It has a touchscreen which is really handy, is small enough to fit in a decent sized bag but big enough to work on it comfortably, and it is one of those yoga things, which means I can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet. And it works so well, and I am so very happy with it. Today – as I’m writing this – is the first day I have taken it out of the house, and I am currently writing this with a chai latte next to me in the Bagels & Beans and it is so nice to not have something that takes over the whole table.

So now the Dyson. I never thought I would get this excited about a vacuum but I am. Again, this is one of those things that I’ve wanted for months now, a wireless stick vacuum, not one of those things that has all these wires and tubes and a big box on wheels that you have to drag behind you. However, we have a vacuum that works perfectly well and my boyfriend didn’t think it was necessary to get a new one right now. Until we walked into – again – our local electronics store and had a look and a feel. And then got some advice from one of the guys that worked there. He suddenly wanted one BADLY as well, but let’s be real, Dysons are freaking expensive. However there was an offer for some money off, and when we realized that it was doable if we split the costs. Still very expensive, but manageable. And so worth the money. You guys, buying a Dyson is the best decision we’ve made. It is so easy to just pick it up and vacuum a room, and it comes with all these parts for different floors and things, it is bagless so in my head it is better for the environment, and I am just so in love with her (yes, its a her). Obviously we have to remember to charge it, but so far we haven’t forgotten. I would highly recommend anyway looking to buy a new vacuum to get a Dyson, or at least a cordless vacuum instead of the original cord-and-tube-and- big-box-on-wheels one. Obviously I haven’t tried any other brand, so maybe non-Dysons are just as good, but I feel like whenever I hear anyone on the internet about cordless vacuums it’s a Dyson and they love it as well. Yes, I love this thing.

Both these things. I am so happy with my two new electronic babies, and I know I will be happy with them for a long time. I think that with electronics like this it is very much worth investing in them, whether you buy them new or secondhand. In my experience with electronics it is often that you get what you pay for, and I am very happy with what I paid for these.

Thanks for stopping by ❤