Books & Coffee #12 – Autumn TBR

Autumn is coming our way soon, and I am ready for it with a giant pile of unread books!

Today’s bookish blog post is about some books I want to start (or finish) this autumn. I have so many books I haven’t read yet, so I thought I would make a small selection of the ones I am hoping to read when the weather gets colder. Three out of the four books I’ve actually already started reading and I am hoping to finish at least two of them, but preferably all, before the end of the season. Okay, let’s be realistic, before the end of the year. These will hopefully not be all the books I’ll be reading this season though, as I’ve already picked up some new books recently that I am very excited to start. And it’s my birthday month so there will be more books being bought that are on my wish list if I am lucky enough to get birthday money/bookish gift cards.

One last thing before we start, if you love books as much as I do, go check out my new bookish Instagram account, @justanothrdreaminggirl,  where I’m posting – surprise surprise – reading updates and mini book hauls and things like that. It is not exclusively books, but mostly books, and I am loving it at the moment.


The Affinity Bridge – George Mann

This is the book I am currently reading, so I guess that’s a good start of this post. I might have even finished it by the time this post goes up. I’m about halfway through and like it so far, but I don’t love it. That might change before I finish it though, because when I first started reading the book I wasn’t even sure I liked it. I am now at the point that I definitely want to read the second book as well (which I happen to own so that’s good), and I’ve read on Goodreads that the second book is actually better than the first one so I am looking forward to that (there’s another book on my Autumn TBR for you).

Winter – Marissa Meyer

Aah, this book has been on my Currently Reading list on Goodreads for over a year now I think but I just haven’t finished it. This Autumn though I am determent though to finish it, because I loved the rest of the series and I can’t really handle the fact that I can’t get into this last book.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers’s Stone – J. K. Rowling

I’ve started re-reading the Harry Potter series, obviously starting with the first one, and I’ve loving it so far. This is definitely one I want to actively read once I’ve finished The Affinity Bridge. And then when I finish this one, the next 6 books are on the list as well!

Liar Of Dreams – Libba Bray

This is the only book on this list that I haven’t started yet, and another one in a series, so apparently that is my thing for the next few months. I read the first one in this series – The Diviners – a few years ago and I am now very excited to start reading this. Once I’ve finished this (already thinking about finishing this even though I haven’t even started it, ha!) I will probably pick up the next book in this series, but I think we will be well into winter by then.

So that is a small selection of the books I want to read this autumn. I’ve already picked up some new books so I will probably start in one of those as well, aaand I have some more on my wishlist that I am hoping to pick up soon as well😅

Thanks for stopping by ❤