Weekly Highlights #11

Summer is over (although we’ve got a few hot days coming up), autumn is here, and I am ready for it with this week’s highlight!

It’s a good one, a staple in anyone’s closet I think, but it took me so long to finally invest in one of these it’s actually ridiculous. However, I finally did and I am so happy I took that plunge, because I love this item.


It’s a leather jacket! And isn’t it beautiful? I picked this up in a leather jacket store in Utrecht, no big brands or anything, just great quality jackets. I got a pretty simple style, without excessive hardwear or big belts or things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love that look, but when I tried it on it just wasn’t me, and if I am going to spend €150,- I want it to on something I LOVE, which is the case with this one. It fits me PERFECTLY – I got quit broad shoulders and long arms –  and it is the softest leather. It has a little bit of detail around the neckline with the buckle, but overall it is very simple. It is fitted enough that I don’t drown in it but wide enough that I can wear a sweater underneath without feeling like a marshmallow. It also looks soooo good with the scarf I just knitted, it’s actually amazing. I’ve been wearing this jacked non-stop since I got it (whenever the weather let me, that is) and it is so comfortable and looks good with so many items. Yes, I am obsessed.

I think we can all agree that everyone needs a (vegan)leather jacked in their life right? That’s right!

Thanks for stopping by ❤