Books & Coffee #11 – June – August 2018 Reads

It’s that time again, the time where I share what I’ve read in the past few months!

I’ve been on a reading kick the past week or so, so I rushed through my last 2 books and am now rushing through a third, which means that I will reach my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 15 books! Hurray. But before I get too excited we’ll have to see if I actually finish those last 3 books.. I think I will though!

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me first tell you what I’ve read in these past 3 months. There were mostly books that I really enjoyed, only one that I felt a bit eh about. I’ve been good with rating my books on Goodreads lately, so I will share my rating on here as well.


The Feaster From The Stars – Alan K. Baker

“London, 1899. Something strange is happening on the Underground.
The ghosts which haunt the platforms and tunnels are being seen much more frequently than usual. There is something on the network of which even the dead are afraid, and the train drivers and other staff are becoming increasingly reluctant to work there. Queen Victoria instructs her Bureau of Clandestine Affairs to investigate.
Enter Thomas Blackwood, Special Investigator, and Lady Sophia Harrington, Secretary of the Society of Psychical Research. Along with detective Gerhard de Chardin of the Metropolitan Templar Police and the famous occultist Simon Castainge, Blackwood and Sophia plunge into a terrifying adventure which takes them from the dank tunnels of the London Underground to the depths of interstellar space and a dying planet known as Carcosa, where a horrific being from beyond the ordered universe has set its sights on Earth. The being is known as the King in Yellow, or the Feaster from the Starts, and unless Blackwood and Sophia can prevail, it will descent upon the Earth and consume every living thing upon it!”

I liked this book more than I thought I would when I first started reading. It was different than I expected when I picked it up although I don’t really remember now what I did expect. I think I thought it would be more a spooky late nineteenth century detective story, but it is definitely a sci-fi book, which is not something I normally read but I enjoyed it none the less and I want to read more books in this series (the first one for example, as this is the second book and I was definitely missing some information). I gave this 3 stars because I liked the story and characters but I wasn’t fully into it, whilst I was reading I kept getting distracted by other things and thoughts.

Pariah – Thomas Emson

“Jack’s back, and he has unfinished business.
In 1888, five women are brutally murdered in the East End of London. The killer is never caught.
In 1996, four women die in similar circumstances, their corpses mutilated. Again, the murdered escapes justice.
In 2011, Charlie Faultless returns to the East End after fifteen years in exile. His mother and girlfriend were victims of the 1996 killings, and he has returned to deal with the demons of his past.
But his homecoming coincides with more atrocities, and the reappearance of history’s most terrifying serial killer:
Jack the Ripper
With old hatreds simmering, Charlie faces violent ordeals at the hands of revenge-fueled men and demons raised from hell. And as the identity of Jack the Ripper is revealed, the truth about Charlie’s past also comes to light.”

This one was again not what I expected. I thought spooky mysterious Jack the Ripper story, and it was just that to a certain extend, but it was also totally different to how I expected the story to go and in my opinion not in a good way. I liked the first two-thirds of the book quite a bit, but after that it got too weird for me, it took a – not necessarily unexpected – turn I didn’t enjoy and it didn’t really recover from that. Furthermore the ending felt pretty rushed in my opinion. 2 stars from me. One thing I did enjoy was the fact that I figured out what was going on pretty quickly but it didn’t take away from the reading experience for me, at least for the first bit😅

Are You Experienced? – William Sutcliffe

“Liz has always wanted to travel in the far east – to lose herself in a different world and make a spiritual connection with another culture. Dave has always wanted to get into Liz’s pants. So they decide to go backpacking in India.
Liz loves is and is inspired by the other travellers she meets; Dave is horrified, and soon decides that anyone who enjoys backpacking must be crazy.
It’s going to be a long three months…”

This is the first book in a while that I finished in one day (okay and a bit), which already tells you that I loved it. It was funny and enjoyable and very easy to read, I obviously flew through it. I thought the characters were very real and not always likable but most of the times I could follow where their reaction came from and what their thought process was. Some characters really annoyed me but that didn’t bother be and isn’t the book’s fault, it was just the way those characters were written and acting from the narrator’s point of view. The only thing I would’ve liked to see was the ending being extended a little longer, I would’ve liked to see more I guess. Still a 4 star read though.

The Fate Of The Tearling – Erika Johansen

I’ve finished the Queen of the Tearling trilogy! And because this is the last book in the trilogy I didn’t include a description of the book because it would spoil the fiest two books if you haven’t read the yet. But, like the other books, I liked this one a lot. When I read the first books I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but when I finished it I was desperate to read the second one. I had a hard time getting into the second book, but when I was in I WAS IN and I loved where the story was going. Same with this throd and final book, I had a hard time getting back into the atory and it actually took me quite a while to pick it up, but after the first quarter I was righr back into the story and I actually had a hard time putting it down and doing anything other than read. I feel like all my questions were answered and all the storylines were wrapped up well. Was I completely satisfied with the ending? No. But then at the same time I was. It made sense for me and for the story I think, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. But I did like it. But I didn’t. Conclusion: I don’t know how I feel about the ending, but I did love the rest of the book(s) and I gave it 4 stars.

Those were almost all the books I’ve finished the past few months. Like I said earlier, I’ve been on a roll with my reading lately, so right after taking the photo’s for this post I finished another book, but that’ll just have to wait until my next reading wrap up post. One hint: it’s the last book in a series I have LOVED the past few years.

Thanks for stopping by❤