Evening Skincare Routine 2018

So I meant to do this post last week but since I am the most inconsistent post writer person it’s a week late…

But it’s here at least: my evening skincare routine!
Also, some extra products I use whenever I remember or feel like it.

Like I said in my morning routine post, I like to keep things simple when it comes to skincare. Cleanse, moisturize, not much more. For my non daily facial items I have a quite few I feel (actually added a new mask to the routine recently), but I obviously don’t use all of these the same day or week. I don’t even use one of these every week😅 (although I probably should).


  • The Body Shop Camomille cleansing butter
  • Garnier Skinactive Micellar cleansing gel wash
  • The Body Shop Aloe calming foaming wash
  • Tea Tree water
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E lipbalm
  • De Tuinen Aloe Vera night cream.

So obviously my evening routine usually starts out with taking off my makeup, and I’ve been loving this The Body Shop cleansing balm for this. I picked this up because I wanted to have something with minimal waste (I uses to use a micellar water before). I rub this on a dry face over my makeup until I feel like everything is a gross mess on my face and then I wash it off with some water. This stuff seriously takes my makeup off like a dream and doesn’t sting my eyes.
I then cleanse with the same The Body Shop cleanser as I use in the morning, which I’ve actually just run out of so that’s that. I also sometimes use the Garnier Micellar cleansing gel, but I don’t really actually like this all that much, it stings my eyes and tastes very bad, and since it’s very runny you can’t really avoid getting it in your eyes or mouth. I mainly use this in the showers, as it is easiest that way.
I use the same tea tree toner water that I use in the morning at night as well, for that extra touch of cleanliness. Also it just feels so nice and refreshing on the skin.
Next comes lip balm, again the same as I use in the morning because it’s the one I have (and I like it).
Now, I didn’t add this to the photo, but lately I’ve been using my eye cream – the same one that I use in the morning – at night as well. I don’t really know why I didn’t do this before, but I do it now and like it a lot. I’m only 22 so there’s not much visible ageing happening yet over here, but I just like the idea of it.
And then lastly my nightly moisturiser, the only product that’s not from The Body Shop. This on is actually from Holland & Barrett – what used to be a store called De Tuinen here in the Netherlands – and I like it a lot. It works great for my sensitive skin, sinks in nicely and moisturizes my face very well.

And that’s that for my evening skincare, so now it’s time for the extra bits that I use if I want to pamper my skin a bit more. I’ve actually just started using a new face mask as well that is from Holland & Barrett, I believe it is their Dead Sea mask, which I’ve been liking a lot so far.

But now for the things that are in the photo…


  • The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub & Mask
  • Kruidvat Evening Primrose oil
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree oil
  • The Body Shop Drops of Youth liquid peel
  • The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal mask

The tea tree 3 in 1 was my go to scrub and mask for a long time, and now sadly I’ve run out of it like yesterday. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a cleanser personally, because the texture is very much like a scrub and could be too harsh for every day. But as a 3 minute mask or scrub this works brilliant and I am probably just going to buy this one again.
The Kruidvat oil I mainly use in the colder months as an extra step in my evening routine, just a few drops pressed into my face before my night cream. This one was very cheap and I don’t know if it does a whole lot extra for my skin, but it feels nice and I like the smell of it.
Tea tree oil cannot be missing from my house. I use this to make my tea tree water/toner, and whenever I have a spot on my face I dab a little bit of this on and it helps perfectly with drying it out. I’ve been using this stuff for years and will continue using it for a long time. Also a small bottle of this literally lasts you forever.
I love this next product, the Drops of Youth liquid peel. It is one of those things that you rub onto your face and it forms all these little balls, supposedly all the dead skin and gross stuff that was on your skin before. It makes my skin look and feel very soft and clean and nice and I would highly recommend this.
And laslty, my face mask. Well the one that I was using before the Holland & Barrett one. I am running out of this, which is why I got the other one, but I loved it. It did kind of burn my cheeks a little bit – it is a very deep cleansing mask, but my face feels sooo nice afterwards and look clean and lovely and amazing. I think I am going to get another The Body Shop face mask when I properly run out (I have maybe two used left) just because I like to try different ones and I want something to use when I’m not feeling the Dead Sea one, but I will probably repurchase this one again someday.

And there you have it, all the skincare products I’ve been using these past few months (or longer). I’ll try to do an updated hair care routine soon as well, because it’s changed a little bit since my last one, and if my skincare routine changes a whole lot in the upcoming months I’ll just do another one of these as well :).

Thanks for stopping by ❤