Morning Skincare Routine 2018

Take care of your skin, people.

So I meant to do this post a while ago but never actually got around to writing it. Today, however, I am finally doing it! My morning skincare routine.

I’m a lazy girl at heart and I don’t like a whole lot in my routine anyway, so this morning routine is as simple as I could get it without feeling like I’m skipping steps.

For reference, I have sensitive combination skin that I think is a bit dehydrated, if that is a thing.


  • The Body Shop Aloe Cleansing Foaming Wash.
  • A homemade water tea tree oil mix.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm SPF 15.
  • The Body Shop Aloe Eye Defence.
  • The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion.
  • Rituals Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50.

As you can see, a lot of The Body Shop products, and a lot from their Aloe line. I’m just slightly obsessed with their skincare products, I feel like they react well to my skin and have a decent price tag. Plus, they are cruelty free and have a lot of vegan products as well.
Now for my routine. I first splash some water on my face, take a pump and a half of the cleansing foam and rub that onto my face. Do I do this every day? No, but I should and I try to. I rinse it off with some water and dry my face with a towel. I like this cleansing foam, but I don’t love it. I feel like it doesn’t cleanse my skin as much as I could like it to. I’ve already purchased a different cleanser to try next.
Then comes the tea tree toner (made with The Body Shop tea tree oil, what else?). I’ve only just started using it and I’ve been loving it so far. I just spray it on my face and let it dry. It’s so refreshing and a good way to add a little bit of tea tree to your routine.
I then apply lip balm. Right now I’m using this one from The Body Shop, but I’ve loved my Burt’s Bees one as well. Although with this one I like the fact that is has a little bit of SPF in to protect those lips.
I apply a little bit – about half a pump maybe – of the eye cream. I like this one a lot, it moisturizes my eyes but is very mild and doesn’t irritate my skin AT ALL. Definitely going to repurchase this when I run out (which is soon).
Then for moisturizer, again a product from their Aloe line. I like this one a lot. Again, it works for sensitive skin, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or anything. This is perfect for winter as well, because it has SPF 15.
And lastly it is time for protection. You already know I love my Rituals facial sunscreen, and I try to apply this every day at the end of my routine, especially in the summer. It sinks in nicely and doesn’t leave my face too greasy, and my makeup applies fine on top.

And that is all that I use on my face in the morning! Next week I’ll try to post my evening routine and all the extra stuff I use whenever I remember.

Thanks for stopping by ❤