What I Pack – Camping In The Ardennes

When you are reading this I will be having an amazing time in the Belgian Ardennes, hiking, walking around cute towns and trying all the beers.

Or I am having a miserable time because it’s too cold and rainy, or just way too hot to do anything. Who knows?
But let’s just assume I’m having a good time😂. Anyways, today I am sharing what I brought with me on this week long camping trip. We are going by train and bus, and are both only bringing about one backpack (big backpack luckily) for everything – camping stuff, beauty products, clothes, shoes, books, games, snacks. Everything. Which means I’ll have to pack very minimal outfit options or I will literally break my back.

One problem: I am a notorious overpacker. I want options, I don’t want to risk freezing to death or being without any clean clothes, and although I definitely do not mind wearing a piece a few times before washing it, one whole week in the same shirt is just a bit much. Also I want some cute Instagram shots in pretty places, and I feel like it would be a bit boring if all the photos were in the same outfit. Priorities, you know.

So this packing experience was interesting to say the least. Stressful. I threw things on the pile, took them out again, added a different item… but, I think in the end I did a pretty good job. Although I might edit it before I post thia to tell you I brought waaaay to much and am leaving half of it in Belgium because I can’t carry it all back again😂 We’ll see…

Anyways, here’s what I brought:


Seeing it in a flatlay it still looks like a lot, and I’ve even added a few tiny things after taking this photo, but it all fits and isn’t too heavy, so I think I’ll get away with it.

So first the shoes. Too many, I know, but I just want to bring them all for different occasions – warm weather, cold weather, etc – so we’ll just have to deal with it.

  • First of all, we’ve got my hiking shoes that I showed you in last week’s haul already. I am going to wear these on the way to Belgium, I am definitely NOT carrying these on my back.
  • We got these water shoes specifically for this trip (as seen in this haul) so we limit the chances of cutting out toes open when we dip them in the Ourthe.
  • Now for the prettier shoes. I loved these Manfield sandals when I wore them in Zeeland so I am bringing them again on this trip for when we go on day trips to the cute little Belgian towns.
  • I was debating for a long time if it made sense to bring a pair of sneakers, and as you can see I decided I wanted them just in case. Like I said, I also want loads of pretty photos for Instagram and the hiking shoes just don’t really do it for me if we are in a pretty old town. So Adidas Gazelles are coming on the trip.
  • Lastly for shoes. You can’t really go camping without flip-flops or slides, you know, for showering or just quickly throwing on when you need to run to the bathroom or something. And I am bringing my new favourite shoes in the world, my new The North Face slides that are definitely coming back in a Weekly Highlights someday soon.

On to clothes and the one small bag I’m bringing. I am going down the lines from left to right they way that I laid all this out.

  • I’m bringing my Jump belt bag that I also showed you in last week’s haul that I bought specifically for this trip.
  • Four bralettes, although I only showed you three. Here are my Björn Borg bralette and Hema bralette that I can also get away with wearing as tops (wearing the Hema one on the way to Belgium) and a lacey black one I bring as a pretty bralette. I also last minute bought another one in the style of the Björn Borg one but with super thin straps.
  • Cozy socks for the evenings and to sleep in if it’s cold.
  • Enough underwear to last me the week, plus about 3 extra pairs just in case.
  • Same with the socks, a little more than I would actually need. I’m also bringing 4 pairs of hiking socks.
  • I narrowed it down to 5 pairs of bottoms, hurray! And no jeans which scares me a bit as I usually live in them. The first pair are these H&M trousers as “pretty wear” for when it’s colder.
  • Two pairs of leggings for hiking and sleeping. The Hunkemöller ones (the ones with the pink stripe down the side) will be part of my travel outfit.
  • One pair of thrifted shorts that used to be trousers, for when it is super hot during our hikes.
  • My new Mango skirt that I love, also “pretty wear”.
  • A Zeeman summer dress for “pretty wear”, but I think I can also get away with wearing it on shorter hikes.
  • Two bathing suits, the same ones I brought on my Zeeland trip. Google says it might get hot, so I thought I would bring two just in case.
  • A H&M zip-up hoodie. This is the first trip in a while that I’m not bringing one of my beloved Stitch, Please sweaters because I’m guessing a zip-up one might be easier to wear.
  • A denim blouse to throw over pretty much everything.
  • My Stitch, Please over-sized tee. This will also be part of my travel outfit, and goes perfectly with literally everything I’m bringing.
  • Another loose fitting flowy tee. Again, goes with pretty much everything.
  • Three black tank tops. One to sleep in, one – a workout top – to hike in, and one for everything else (and also to hike in).
  • And lastly, in terms of clothes, I am bringing a bomber jacket. Again, for if it is colder.

I am thinking of doing a follow-up post telling you what I did and did not use, as it is just so much. Like I said, notorious overpacker..

Now onto the beauty bits.


So I’ve tried to keep it minimal on the beauty front and I think I did pretty well! It all fits in one make-up bag so that’s a good thing right?

  • Lots of sunscreen. Obviously this did not fit in said make-up bag but it is a necessity.
  • A small bottle of aftersun. I’m bringing more than just this but I need to get some more small bottles first.
  • My Rituals facial sunscreen. You know this is a favourite.
  • A Ritual face wash. The only travel sized face wash I’ve seen so far and I quite like this one luckily.
  • Cotton pads. Don’t often use these anymore but it seemed handy for this trip.
  • My daily moisturiser. I will have a skincare post up next week so I’ll get into detail of what I use then.
  • Eye cream (that I’m running out of).
  • A travel bottle of micellar water to take off the tiny bit of makeup I’m bringing. Good in combination with the cotton pads😅.
  • A small spray bottle of tea tree water.
  • Lip balm.
  • A small jar of night cream.
  • A small jar of facial scrub just in case I want to treat myself to a little facial.
  • Kérastase travel shampoo.
  • Kérastase travel conditioner.
  • A small body wash. I actually love this scent and am happy I got it as a gift from a friend.
  • Tiger balm in case we get neck pain.
  • A roll-on anti-itch bug thingy. Very usefull!
  • Toothpaste.
  • Toothbrush. Obviously.
  • A travello with my Givenchy Live Irresistible perfume.
  • Deodorant.
  • My mini tangle teazer. Still in love with this thingy.
  • Hair ties and more hair ties. Without these my life would be miserable.
  • And then I am bringing some makeup. First of my Clinique powder to work away the shine.
  • An Etos powder brush.
  • An Essence mascara.
  • This Rimmel twist-up eye pencil. It is replacing their regular eye pencil I used to use and I do not mind it at all.
  • My Anastasia brow pencil. Also looove this one so far.
  • My trusty Hema brow gel.
  • My Hema nude Matte Lip Cream. I rediscovered this one and have completely fallen in love with it again. Forgot how great this was.

And lastly I wanted to show some of the other stuff I’m bringing on this trip. Obviously not everything, we’re also bringing a tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, something to cook on and something to eat out of but that was too much to fit in one picture😅 so here’s just a few more things.

  • A rain coat. It didn’t fit into the clothes picture so I’m just putting it in here, but this is a necessity we cannot forget about. Avoiding soaking wet clothes over here!
  • A sheet for over our mattresses because it’s more comfortable.
  • Tea towels.
  • 2 towels each – a small one and a bigger one – and two face towels each.
  • A blow up pillow. We got this last minute and I’m happy we did (at least at the time that I’m writing this I am, but maybe not so much when we’ve actually tried them out). We were actually debating just bringing two small throw pillows to sleep on but when we found these for €15 we decided to go with this. It’s just more convenient to have something that rolls up to a small little package – more space for all my shoes!!
  • Three pillowcases: two for the pillows, one for dirty laundry.
  • A blow up dishwashing tub. Super handy (I think, again haven’t tried it out yet) because it’s small and lightweight and we do want clean dishes. We’re also brining a sponge and soap but I didn’t add it to the picture (I forgot, oops..).
  • Some sturdy thread for a clothes line or something like that.
  • An Opinel super sharp knife. The boyfriend’s father swears by these knifes so we decided to pick some up as well for cooking and cutting other things (like the thread) if needed. I got a smaller size and G got the biggest one I think. I’m weirdly excites about this purchase.
  • Card games! We haven’t decided (come to an agreement) on which ones we’ll bring, but no vacation is complete without some fun games.
  • I’m bringing The Great God Pan for reading material, I like the fact that it’s a collection of short stories instead of one longer one. I’ll get G to bring a book as well.
  • A small travel book about the Ardennes. It includes a map of the area which is handy.
  • A thrown together first aid kit including bandaids, small scissors, bandages, anti-bug spray, blister bandaids and more things like that.
  • Clothing pins (is that the right name?) to hang clothes.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries that didn’t make it into the photo.
  • Extra chargers. I mean, we don’t wamr to spend all our time on our phones but still it’s good to have a semi fill battery for emergencies, google searches, putting blog posts live, Instagram…

Wow. Seeing it all listed out like this makes me think I am seriously majorly overpacker. But I could’ve brought waaay more if I didn’t have to carry it all on my back so I think I did okay.

If you want to see what we’ve been up to this week you can head over to my Instagram for (hopefully) loads of pretty photos and fun instastories! An while you’re at it, check out my boyfriend’s accounts too here and here (yes he has two accounts).

Thanks for stopping by ❤