Weekly Highlights #8

What’s more comfortable than lounge clothes? That’s right, nothing.

Okay being naked maybe, but not so appropriate for on the internet.

I have a lot of lounge clothes because I just prefer wearing something like that around the house. When I have nowhere to go, I always throw on one of those, why waste a cute outfit when no one’s gonna see you? Plus, I always feel like I can wear lounge clothes way longer than regular clothes before they need a wash😅.
The only problem is, I literally only have long legged things. My Björn Borg joggers for example, of my big collection of yoga leggings. These are all great for the cold Dutch autumns, winters and springs. For summer, not so much. I have 2 pairs of sweat shorts, and I found myself wearing them so much that I just decided to get a third pair. And boy, do I love my third pair.


Is it weird that I think these jogger shorts are really really cute? Because I do! So these are from Zeeman, and they were only €5,-!! Steal! They are so comfortable and easy to throw on, and I love pairing them with a simple sports bra (my new Björn Borg one for example) or cropped top on these hot summer days, which works fine because they’re high waisted, but they also look fine with a simple tee or tank top. And like, do you even really need to look cute when wearing stuff like this around the house?
I also like that they are not black, as my other two are and this just switched things up a little. I found myself wearing these so much ever since I got them maybe a month ago, and I’m seriously considering getting another pair just so I am sure I have enough of this style. I am also definitely bringing this pair on holiday with me, because I don’t think I can go a week without these. Might need to wash them first though…

Speaking of which, I seriously need to start thinking about what I am going to bring with me on the trip. I need to pack very minimal, because I have to carry everything in a backpack on my back. Help….
But that’s something for another post.

Thanks for stopping by ❤