(Not So) Mini Haul #5

If there’s one good excuse to go shopping, it’s going on holiday.

I did a holiday haul a few weeks back, but I am doing one again today. This one’s a mix though, some things I picked up for our upcoming trip to the Ardennes (soooo excited!!) and some things I got on our recent trip to Zeeland and Delft and I just wanted to show you.

Some things are a little boring and most things you will see again very soon in my Ardennes packing post, but some things I am very excited about and wanted to share. Also, maybe it’s a reminder to check if you have everything for upcoming trips!


Seeing it in the photo, I realize I got so many shoes. Oops? But they are all shoes bought for a good reason!

  • Human Nature hiking shoes. Because we plan on going for a hike pretty much every day in the Ardennes if the weather lets us, so hiking shoes are much needed. I got these because they fitted the best, are lightweight and were on a really good sale as well. Also, they are not too ugly.
  • The North Face slides. I got my boyfriend Adidas slides for his birthday last year, and have been jealous of them ever since. Every time he could just run out the door without having to tie shoelaces, or just the fact that he could wear them with socks around the house in the winter and was still able to go outside to throw away something, I found myself wanting a pair for me. And when he noticed I started stealing his pair a little too much, he decided that I needed some as well. Originally I wanted the same red Adidas ones as him so we would be an annoying matching couple, but when I tried them on they just didn’t fit me right. So I went for this The North Face pair, and I love having them! What I like about these versus the Adidas ones, other than they just fit me better, is the fact that the band that goes over the foot is padded. So comfy!
  • These espadrilles I got in a small store in Middelburg for €7,50 and I love them. Aside from the happy print I love the fact that they are slip on and go shoes, but they still look cute and summery and somewhat put together. I can wear them with the back down as a sort of slide or with the back up as actual espadrilles. I think that when these are falling apart (they are not the best quality but for the price I don’t really mind) I am going to invest in a better pair. For now though, very happy with these.
  • Hiking socks, for in the shoes. Nothing much to say about these except that I like the fact that these are a bit lower on the leg than lots of other pairs they had, but still high enough to tuck my leggings or jeans in if needed.
  • Sneaker socks. Can never have enough of those, and these are good because they have that super low ankle like the classic sneaker socks but do go over the foot a little bit for extra comfort. And the pastel colours are just super cute!


I cannot go on holiday without travel sized beauty products, they are just too cute! Here’s what I got:

  • Kérastase shampoo and conditioner. My hairdresser very conveniently sells this cute bag with travel sized hair products, and seeing as I am almost out of my current travel shampoo I decided to pick this up. These particular ones are for normal to dry hair, which is what my hairdresser recommended, and I am excited to start using it. Kérastase, although expensive, is a great brand, and the little bag it comes in is very handy and cute as well!
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony. Yep, I jumped on the Anastasia bandwagon, and so far I am glad I did. This colour matched my brows perfectly, and I waaay prefer the twist-up pencil over the regular Hema one I’ve used for years now. Very expensive, but so far worth it.
  • Two Nivea sunscreen sprays. Can’t leave for holiday without a good amount of sunscreen in your bag, so I decided we needed some backups to last us the week.
  • I picked up a backup of my favourite facial sunscreen, the Rituals SPF 50 face cream from their Rituals Of Karma line. I love this stuff so much, as does the boyfriend, and we are running out of our current bottle so we needed a new one before we go on holiday.
  • I also picked up a mini face wash, also from Rituals. This is their smooth cleansing foam, and I believe I already have this but in the old packaging. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll like this.
  • A travel tangle teezer. I love the regular one, and when I saw this cute travel sized one for 50% off at Ici Paris XL I had to have it.
  • Lastly we got some bug repellent. Much, much needed in the Ardennes!! We don’t want any ticks or mosquito bites.


Lastly, I also picked up some home things and a bag I’ve been wanting for a few months now.

  • Let’s start with that bag then. It’s a belt bag, or hip bag, or bum bag or whatever the hell these are called. Is it the cutest prettiest item ever? Nope. Was it the cutest that they had in store? No, there was one that could convert to a shoulder bag that I LOVED but wasn’t as practical. This one is practical and also still quite okay looking, I like the brown leather a lot compared to others I’ve seen. I mainly just wanted this because it is practical though, not only for the Ardennes – although it is so good for the trip because I can easily wear it with the backpack, but also on hikes to just toss our phones, important cards and maybe my camera in. I’ve also found, though, that it is good for weekend trips when I don’t want to have a whole lot of bags hanging from my shoulders. I am still gonna pick up the other cuter one though, I think.
  • This yellow pillow. I love it. See, we have this beige chair against a pretty bare wall, and I want some life and colour in that corner. A yellow pillow, I think, will do the trick. It’s hard bringing new colours into our interior as we have a reddish couch and a forest-y wall, but this colour actually works very well with both and I love it.
  • A watering can, or water can or whatever it’s called. I don’t know why exactly, but I just wanted one. Maybe for when we have guests over to put on the table with some water, or if I ever have the urge to make sangria or fresh orange juice or some other yummy drink. We’ll see, I just like having it in the house just in case.
  • A beer glass. At least that’s what it reminds me of, a fancy beer glass. We have one of these already, and when I saw the store (Lifestyle Home Collection, there’s an outlet in the town I live in) still had some I just had to pick one up. Does it fit in out cupboards? No. Am I happy I got it. Hell yes!

Okay. That’s actually a lot of stuff we picked up in not that many days. In all fairness, we did need a lot of it for our trip, but like….. I should really REALLY stop shopping after this. Instead maybe I should spend my time reading, or writing blog posts. Maybe write that book thingy I started years ago. Clean the house….

Ha, do we really believe I’m gonna stop?

Thanks for stopping by ❤