What I Pack – A Weekend By The Beach

And also a little update on what I’ve been doing these past few days.

So I meant to get up 2 blog posts in the pas week. But first I got sick and pretty much spent two days on the couch sleeping and watching TV. Then I had to pack and I planned some blog posts (took pictures, made lists, etc) and on Saturday we headed off to Zeeland to spend a few days with family, which is what this packing post is about. We planned on getting back on Tuesday in the afternoon, but then spontaneously we decided to drive to Delft instead of home to spend some time with my mom and dad. We went home on Wednesday evening, Thursday was for unpacking and laundry and things like that (shopping – oops) and now, on Friday, I am finally writing another blog post again.

And this post I am actually excited about. It’s obviously about what I brought with me to Zeeland, and because I am writing this now that we are back I can actually also tell you what I did and didn’t use on the trip and thus hopefully learn from it for the next trip (which is is like two weeks, crazy!).

A bit about our trip first. We were, like I said, visiting family. My boyfriend’s brother, his girlfriend and their two adorable daughters to be exact. His dad also stayed on the same camping, but he was gone for the weekend so we could stay in his tent which was great. The camping we stayed at was a 20 minute walk away from the beach which was soooo nice, and we spent literally every day there, except for the day we arrived. The weather was great, unusually hot for the Netherlands but that seems to be the thing here lately (it’s currently around 35° C as I’m writing this) so being near the beach was great.

Last thing before we take a look at what I brought, I did forget to put some things I did bring in the photo’s, like sunscreen (much needed), our sleeping bags and some last minute clothing items, but I tell you what they were when we get to them.


Let’s start with the clothes. Like I said, it was ridiculously hot during the day, but at night it could get pretty cold still, so choosing outfits wasn’t easy but this is what I ended up with:

  • 4 pairs of underwear and 5 pairs of socks, I packed an extra pair of socks to sleep in.
  • 2 bathing suits: a bikini top from Hema and bottoms from Hunkemöller, and a one piece from H&M. Wore both, the bikini twice even because we went to the beach 3 times. I loved both a lot.
  • Björn Borg joggers. I wore these every evening in slept in them as well, perfect to keep me warm at night.
  • Stitch, Please Sweater. Again, only used this one to keep me warm at night whenever we were sitting outside around a campfire or something.
  • Grey tank top to sleep in. The first night I was pretty cold, but the second night we got out an extra sleeping bag and that worked perfectly with just the tank top.
  • Pink flowy top. I wore this half a day, I believe in the evening mostly underneath my sweater. I could’ve done without, but I brought this in case we were going to do something other than hang out on the camping (which is what we did mostly).
  • My Stitch, Please Ice Cream tee. I wore this once as well, but am definitely glad I brought it with me. I took it to the beach once so I could cover up my shoulders if needed and I did. It also looked great in an Instagram picture ;).
  • Pull & Bear chambray shirt. I brought this in case it would be chilly during the day, and obviously I didn’t need it. I did wear it once I believe underneath my sweater, but I could’ve done without.
  • Vintage belt. I totally forgot I brought it, and thus didn’t use it.
  • Vintage denim shorts. I wore these to the beach with my Stitch, Please shirt, and liked the look. I am glad I took these on the trip even though I only wore them once. After the beach they were wet, salty and sandy and reminded me that I need more denim shorts.
  • Black H&M trousers. I didn’t wear these once, it was just too hot. Again, I brought these in case the days would be chilly, but in 28° and over I just didn’t need them.

My most worn item isn’t pictured, but it was the denim button up dress in my last mini haul. I wore it 4 days in a row pretty much, twice to the beach, once to Middelburg (a beautiful city a shirt drive away from the camping) and on our full day in Delft. It was a definite favourite of our trip. It looked great and also felt great, not too hot but would’ve layered well with the tee if needed (not needed). I am definitely going back to the vintage store to pick up more of this particular style, because I’m in love!

I also wore my button up trousers from this haul in the car on the way to Zeeland, as well as a black cami. I didn’t wear those after the first day, so I probably should’ve worn the dress or sweats on the drive.


As for shoes and extra stuff that’s not beauty:

  • My Adidas Gazelles. I wore these mostly in the evening to keep my toes nice and warm, but didn’t need them during the day.
  • Flipflops. Used these a lot, mainly for showering or to quickly slip in if I had to go to the other tent or something.
  • My Manfield sandals, the sandals I talked about in a recent haul that I forgot to show you. I wore these pretty much every day. They are very comfortable and easy to style and I can walk in the for miles. Definitely worth the €60,- and so happy I brought them on this trip.
  • A sheet and a pillow case. The sheet for in the air mattress and the pillow case for our dirty laundry.
  • A jacket that used to be my boyfriend’s which I didn’t really need.
  • A scarf that doubles as a beach cover-up. Just tied it around my neck and it covered up perfectly without being too hot.
  • Towels, one for the beach and one for the shower, and small face towels to wash my face with. I didn’t actually wash my face with them though, but did use them for our bodies when we forgot our shower flower poof thingy, that we also brought but forgot put in the shot.


I brought some makeup. I didn’t need makeup. I only filled in my brows in once because I felt like it, but in reality I could’ve done without these and be totally happy. Here’s a run-through of what I took with me though:

  • My Clinique powder
  • A Hema powder brush
  • Eyepencil from Rimmel
  • An Essence mascara
  • Concealer
  • Brow gel and pencil that I forgot to put in the flatlay
  • Cleansing balm to take off the makeup I didn’t wear
  • A mirror


Obviously, aside from the not needed makeup, I also brought some skincare and other beauty products that I did actually use.

  • Holland & Barrett Aloë Vera night cream. I actually forgot to use this most nights, although I definitely should have. Oh well.
  • The Body Shop Aloë Vera eye cream. I was good and did use this one every day.
  • The Body Shop Aloë Vera day cream. Also used this one.
  • Rituals SPF 50 face cream. Used this face sunscreem A LOT. Religiously every day. Definitely taking this with us on the next trip.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste. Obviously.
  • Aftersun, also from Rituals. We luckily didn’t need this a lot, the bf used it once or twice I believe.
  • Deodorant. Also quite obvious. I’m currently not using the more natural one because I have others I’m using up at the moment, but still loving that one!
  • A bodybutter from The Body Shop. Didn’t use this because it would’ve melted off right away.
  • A body wash also from The Body Shop. This one is from their Christmas collection and I love the scent. We both used this every time we showered as the boyfriend had forgotten his shower gel.
  • A travel size shampoo. Also from The Body Shop. I used this every time I showered as well the wash the sea, salt and sand from my hair. I never normally wash my hair that often (3 days in a row!!) but luckily this didn’t dry out my hair. Happy I took it on the trip.
  • A mini Rituals face wash. Again, used it every day. Quite like this for travelling.
  • A Burt’s Bees lip balm. This is a tinted one that I had to bring because my non-coloured one doesn’t twist up any more. Used this prettu much every morning. My lips were quite dry because I was still a bit ill so I’m very glad I brought it.
  • A nail file because you never know when you’re gonna need one.
  • Prik Weg, a cooling calming rolling ball balm thingy for mosquito bites. Didn’t need it luckily!
  • Flossing thread.
  • Extra hair ties. Essential with this weather!

Sooo I’m pretty sure that’s all I brought with me on the trip, other than sleeping bags, snacks and a good book. Oh, and sunglasses, sunglasses were much needed! And my camera of course, plus a lot of portable chargers because we are both Instagram addicts🙊.

Thanks for stopping by❤