What I Pack – Day At The Sauna

When you are reading this I will be well on my way having a most relaxing day at the sauna with one of my favourite girls.

And I thought I would share with you what I’m bringing! We are going to Thermen Holiday in Schiedam, a Sauna & Wellness resort I’ve been to once before and remember loving it. I am also so excited to spend this day with one of my best friends, and to just chat and everything whilst doing something fun and relaxing.


So about what I’m bringing with me on our little wellness day. We are going on a bathing suit day because we both just feel a little more comfortable with that, and of course there are just the regular things you need to bring to a place like this. I did forget to show you the extra towel that I’m bringing, as well as the plastic bag to put my wet towel and bathing suit in for on the way back. Other than that I got:

  • A big (90×180 cm) towel to lie on. I picked this up today (yesterday when this goes up) at Hema because we don’t actually have any beach towels so I thought this would be useful. I absolutely love the peach colour!
  • A towel fabric dressing gown. Also didn’t have one of these so picked this one up at Hema as well for €16. I love the short sleeves and length, it’s very different from the other dressing gowns I own. I’m bringing this because to enter the restaurant you need to be wearing a dressing gown and what if we get hungry?! We can just rent one there but I thought it would be useful anyway to have one at home to throw on after my shower.
  • Moisturizer to put on my face before we leave so my face doesn’t get dry and itchy. I will do a post on my summer morning skincare routine soon, so then you will hear more about this one.
  • My Tangle Teezer. Can’t live without this when my hair is wet, this thing is amazing. and I think I’m gonna get more. I’m also bringing an extra hair tie to braid my hair if I feel like it.
  • A bikini. No idea where the top is from, the bottoms are from H&M but they are a few years old so I don’t think they sell these anymore. I am not wearing my bathing suit underneath my normal clothes because I have a 1,5 hour bus and train journey before I get to the resort and I think regular underwear will just be more comfortable.
  • Flip-flops because a) they are mandatory and b) it’s so much more hygienic!

And that’s all the spa things I am bringing on my girls day sauna trip. I seriously need to do more of these wellness days as they are just so nice and relaxing and so fun to do with friends. I’m just hoping they have cocktails… 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤