Weekly Highlights #7

I am a lipstick junky.

Like, out of all the makeup things in the world, I’ve always loved lipstick the most. Eyeshadow’s a close second though ;).
So it’s actually kinda surprising that there’s not been a lipstick in my weekly highlights yet, as it is my absolute favourite makeup thing. Today, however I’ve got two lipsticks that I’ve been loving lately to make up for that. I’ve rediscovered both of these over the last few weeks and have been loving wearing them in my last weeks of the internship, and now on the days that I’m actually doing something that I want to look presentable for.


They are the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in 02 Perfect Match on the left and the Hema Soft Matt Lipbalm in 02 on the right (it has no cute name, so sad..). Both are quite neutral colours and may not look very exciting but that is actually why I love them. Especially the Essence lipstick is one of those colours you just throw on and go without having to look in a mirror for more than a second, and it works for pretty much every occasion and every look. I wear this either on it’s own or with a slightly darker liner just in the bottom centre of my lip to give the illusion of bigger lips, which is actually why I got this beaut last year. Yep, this one is currently almost always in my handbag.

The Hema lipbalm that definitely isn’t a lipbalm is a bit less subtle but is still not super in your face. If I want just some colour I’ll dab it on my lips, if I want a bit more colour I’ll apply it normally and if I want some extra umphf I’ll wear this with the perfectly matching Hema lipliner underneath for an extra intense and longlasting effect. Even without the liner this lipstick lasts a good amount of time (both of these do actually) and is not drying or uncomfortable or anything. I love how this one has that lip crayon look but is just an easy twist-up – no sharpener needed here! Again, this colour goes with almost everything and works for any occasion, which is why it has been an big favourite for the last few weeks!

I would highly recommend both of these lipsticks, not only for their great quality but also for their super low prices as they are both drugstore brands. Also, I’m pretty sure both these brands are cruelty free which is a plus, but don’t quote me on that..

Thanks for stopping by❤