Weekly Highlights #5

This week’s highlight is a newish item in my closet, and boy oh boy am I glad I got it!

I actually already showed this piece in my most recent mini haul, where I mentioned that I had already worn it a few times and could think of so many outfits with it. Well, I wore it a few times more. In fact, it is my go to item for when I want to fancy up my outfit a bit – so perfect for my internship.


It is this stunning cream Mango blazer. The colour, the fit, the everything.. I love it all! Like I said, it fancies up any outfit, which is why I picked it up, but I don’t only wear it when I want to look a bit more put together. I also love it just as a summer coat type thing. When I want an extra layer to keep a warm I grab this. It is perfect for these Dutch summer days, when the mornings and evenings can get a bit chilly and the daytime can get hot and humid. But then I’m also imagining it with a sweater – the oversized fit will work well for that as well – in the autumn and winter. Paired with a summer dress and some sandals, or a white tee and some denim shorts. Or, like in these pictures, with a work appropriate dress or some black jeans.
Yep, I love this blazer, and have been loving it since my haul a few weeks ago. It has already become a staple in my wardrobe, and a perfect item to build a more capsule like closet with (which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately). Whatever I end up doing with that idea, I know this blazer will be my go to item for a very long time!

Thanks for stopping by ❤