Empties #5

It seems like every time I do an empties post I (almost) run out of some products right after.

It happened with my last empties, and it is happening now. Seriously, right after taking these photo’s I noticed that my concealer is almost done. Same goes for my night cream and the face masks I am currently using. But I couldn’t wait for those products to properly be empty, because there are already so many things I used up recently, so I guess I’ll just have to do one of these again soon.

But enough looking into the future, let’s look into the past. At my trash….


See, so much! 15 products in total that I ran out of or getting rid of because they are very very old. Going from top to bottom, left to right:

  • The Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. I seem to have one of these in every empties post, just because I use it so much. Clearly, I love it.
  • Weleda Almond shower cream. This was okay, not great. The smell was good but not amazing, and I felt like I had to use a lot of product to get that nicely lathered up feel. What I liked a lot about this product is that it is 100% plant based and it felt really nice on the skin. Will I buy it again? Probably not, also because I am planning on getting the Lush solid shower gel thingies after this (no packaging!), but if I were to get it again I would get another scent, because I know they do some lovely ones.
  • Thierry Mugler Innocent eau de parfum. Yes, I used up another perfume, and this one smells SO GOOD. I’ve had this since I was 17, forgot about it for a while, and then fell back in love with it last year. I used up the last bit this spring, and now I am so sad that it’s all gone. I will definitely consider buying this again when I run out for my current spring/summer scent (which you can find it this post, by the way).
  • Vogue Ladybird mini perfume deodorant. This isn’t great, but it reminds me of my early high school days when the Vogue deodorants were so popular, which is why I think I picked it up a while back. It smells nice, but a little chemically, and it just doesn’t help with sweating at all, so I won’t pick this up again unless I am feeling very very nostalgic.
  • W7 In The Nude eyeshadow palette. I didn’t use this up but I am getting rid of it. I actually picked this up a few years ago because it’s a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, which I loved so much, but thw quality just isn’t there and I never ever reach for it, so it’s not worth keeping in my stash.
  • Wella System Professional hydrating mask. I picked this hair mask up at my hairdresser’s last year when I was running out of my fave The Body Shop Banana hair mask. This smells like a salon and did the job very well (I always apply my hair masks on slightly damp hair and leave it in for literal hours before shampooing it out), however I needed a bit more product than with my Banana mask and it is also more expensive, so I’ve gone back to the Banana one now that I’ve used it up. Might repurchase in the future, but probably not considering I’ve got one I love more.
  • Sleek I-Divine Au Natural 601 eyeshadow palette. In my eyeshadow clear out I got rid of this Sleek palette as well. It is very old and the quality seems to have gone down over the years. I’ve loved it for a long while, but in the last year or so I haven’t loved it whenever I used is so it is time to let go.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation in the colour 105 natural ivory. I liked this foundation a lot. It is a light coverage and also feels that way on the skin, and I feel like the colour matches my skin colour most of the year (not when I’ve got a bit of a tan) which is not always the case for me when it comes to foundations. It is – as the name would suggest – a matte foundation, and lasts a good while on my face. I like the fact that it comes in a tube because that allows me to squeeze out every last drop, and if I wanted to I could’ve cut it open and take the last little bit out as well. It is more expensive than my current foundation so for that reason I don’t think I’ll repurchase it any time soon (also I think my current foundation is cruelty free and this one isn’t so there’s another reason) but it is definitely one I’ll remember!
  • Nivea Sensitive Day Cream. I got this one because I suddenly ran out of my previous day cream and quickly needed a replacement, and I ended up quite liking this one. It is a little more greasy on the skin at first than I would like but after 10 minutes or so it completely sunk into my skin. Hydrating, not irritation at all, and contains SPF 15 which is not enough for summer but works fine in most of these Dutch seasons. I probably won’t repurchase it any time soon only because I’ve got a day cream I think I like better now, but if I ever find myself in the same situation as when I got this the first time, I know what to pick up.
  • Catrice Prime and Fine pore refining anti-shine base. I liked this primer a lot, it worked well in keeping my makeup on for a decent amount of time and helped keep the shine and grease at bay. I would definitely repurchase this is I could find it in store, as they seem to not sell this anymore. Catrice does have other primers in this line, but so far I haven’t found this particular one. Yet. But I’ll keep looking.
  • Catrice Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette. This is the last palette I have de-cluttered recently. Another one that is old, and of which the quality and pigment just isn’t there compared to some of my other palettes. I’ve actually used this a fair bit in the past, but as with the Sleek palette I don’t reach for it and when I do I just don’t love the look.
  • Hema Eyebrow Fiber Gel. I picked this up because I was interested to see how I would like the whole fiber thing. Conclusion: I don’t think it’s for me. It wasn’t necessarily a bad product, I just feel like I prefer a more simple brow gel. This one made my brows look quite harsh when using it in combination with a pencil, but wasn’t enough without the pencil, which made it hard to use for me. I didn’t repurchase it, I prefer the regular Hema brow gel.
  • Miss Sporty Instant Lip Colour & Shine. I loved this lipstick! The colour, the way it lasted on my lips, the way it felt.. It was lovely. However, sadly, it broke when I dropped it a while back, and I couldn’t be bothered fixing it. Will I repurchase? Probably, after I work my way through some other lipsticks first. But for now I can do without.
  • Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in 503 Lychee. This nail polish sadly dried up, but I loved it for about a year whilst I had it. The colour and the way it looks on the nails is lovely, and it lasted pretty well. But I feel like the brush is a little too skinny for my liking, and I currently have another polish that I am obsessed with, so no need to repurchase.
  • Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. This. Oh my, this is one of my favourite powders that I’ve used for years, and I will repurchase it I think once I run out of the powders I currently own. It is mattifying, light on the skin and doesn’t give a cakey look at all. Also, it is a lot cheaper than the powder I am currently absolutely loving (it is probably just as good if not better than this one, but sooooo expensive). Yes, I will repurchase this one.

Woah. I used up a lot of products recently, and as I mentioned before I am already running out of others as well. I probably should’ve split the products up in two photos, because I feel like it was a bit too much to have in one photo and then list it all, so let me know what you like better (all in one pick or split up in two) but mainly I’ll just try to do these post with fewer products so they are not as long 😅

Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by ❤