Mini Haul #3

Sooooo.. I found an excuse to go shopping the other day.

No books this time, although I desperately wanted to have a look around my local bookshop, just a few fashion and beauty bits. I called it a mini haul because it’s only 4 items, but it’s 4 items I am very obsessed with. I did get pick up a pair of shoes literally they day after I bought all these things an took these photo’s so they aren’t featured in this haul, but they are the absolute perfect brown leather sandals that I’ve been looking for for over a year now and I am so happy I found them! I’ll try to feature them in a post soon :).


Anyways, let’s get into the items I got that are actually featured in this haul, starting with beauty.

  • This BEAUTIFUL palette by the brand Only You is actually the “other” thing I picked up on my mini shopping trip, because Ici Paris XL had 25% off with 2 makeup products, and who doesn’t want 25% off? It is the Sunshine palette, and as soon as I saw it on display I knew I needed it. I’ve actually been wanting a new eyeshadow palette for a while now, as there are a few in my small collection that I don’t actually love, so I feel like this is a justified purchase if I get rid of the ones I don’t like (or so I told my boyfriend). This palette has a very good variety of matte, shimmery and full on glitter shades, and I love the more warm toned pinkish colours. It is a good size for travelling as well, but with a giant mirror! And the best part: this palette is only €10,95! I haven’t used it yet because in these past few days I haven’t actually worn a lot of makeup, but I am so very excited to start playing around with it!
  • The product that I actually went in for was a new powder. I’ve run out of my favourite powder, and although I have some others I just wanted to repurchase it. However, when I was in the store I thought to myself “shouldn’t I try out something new?” I did, and spent about €20,- more than if I’d just gotten my go to powder, but boy am I glad I did. Even with this current Dutch humid heat, this Clinique Stay-Matte sheer pressed powder has been keeping my face from looking like a grease ball. I like the very simple silver shiny packaging – although you can see every greasy fingerprint – and the box that it comes in is also very cute. I thought I wouldn’t use the little puff that it comes with, but I actually quite like it for a quick touch-up. I am very happy, but also very annoyed, that I fell in love with another very expensive (€35,60) beauty product.


  • So I had an interview for my new internship the other day. It went really well. But with those kind of things comes the stress of WHAT THE F DO I WEAR? So I decided to calm my nerves by treating myself to this super pretty new Mango blazer. You see, before I got this one I already had 2 other blazers: a simple medium brown one and a bright pink one. I felt like I needed a more neutral colour as well, in a slightly different fit (the other ones I have are a lot shorter and more fitted). I was actually trying to choose between a black one, a white one and this number, and obviously ended up with this gorgeous cream one. I liked the colour the best – suited for both winter and summer – and the oversized fit is so different from the ones I already have that I felt like I could justify the €50,-. I’ve worn it a few times now and I love it! It goes well with more casual outfits but also with fancy trousers and a blouse, and I am already imagining it with jeans shorts and sandals in a pretty seaside town (not that I’m going to a seaside town any time soon, but ya know..). They also look very nice with my new trousers..
  • .. that are kind of an experiment, because I don’t know if they fit my style and how long they will be in style, but I got them for 60% off and I kind of really really like the look of them. I got them at the store Men at Work, a place I normally don’t ever shop at (although they got really cute stuff), but my boyfriend wanted to look at jean jackets and then I got sucked into the sales section. Again, these trousers work well in a somewhat casual office, for date night with a pair of killer heels, casual with sneakers and an oversized sweater and also with a plain white tee, some brown leather sandals and the buttons on the side open (yep, it’s those kind of trousers) in a seaside town. Can you tell I desperately want to go to the sea?
    But yea, it’s the kind of sporty-chic pair of trousers, with the buttons on the side of the leg so you can show of that tan if you want to.

All in all a pretty good haul, I think!

Thanks for stopping by ❤