Everyday Gold

Gold is a girl’s best friend. Or is that not how the saying goes?

I mean, I don’t mind diamonds either, but I do looooove me some gold. It is pretty much the only jewelry colour I wear because I feel like it just looks better on my skin tone and to me it feels a bit more luxurious. So, in case you hadn’t already guessed it, today I am sharing the jewelry I wear pretty much every single day, my little bit of everyday gold.


All my pieces are very minimal, so perfect for everyday.

  • Starting with this watch, probably the most special piece of the bunch. This watch used to be my great-grandma’s watch, and I got it from my grandma a few months ago because she’s been having a massive clear-out. I absolutely love it, partly because of the history, but also because I think it is beautiful and so simple and easy to wear. It also is a windup watch so doesn’t need any batteries which is obviously great! Although I do need to remember to wind it up every day😅
    The brand, by the way, is Titoni.
  • The ring with the round plate I always wear around my left middle finger. It is by Lucardi, and it is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the band which has such gorgeous detail, just look at the photo on the website because mine doesn’t do it justice. This ring is 14 karat gold and was exactly what I was looking for, just a simple but stunning piece to add some detail to my left hand.
  • Moving on to the next ring, a Swarovski one I got for my 22 birthday from my sweet boyfriend. We got it during our trip to Antwerp last year and I had to wait a month and a half until I could finally wear it, which was so hard! I picked this one out because I wanted a jewelry piece of him that I could wear every single day. I have previously gotten 2 necklaces from him, but both are silver and like I said, gold is more my thing (although I do still love the necklaces!). The ring has 5 small clear stones in it, and is gold plated. I’ve been wearing it on my right ring finger every day since I got it.
  • The last ring I’ve been wearing on my right middle finger ever since I got it last month. I picked this one up in a small fashion/lifestyle store in Delft called Bij Marlies. At the time I went looking for a ring for my pinky finger, but I kinda fell in love with this one and just had to get it. I looove the simplicity of the ring, with the small detail of the little pointy bit that goes up in the front.
  • These last two pieces I don’t actually wear everyday, but they’re definitely worth mentioning because they have been the only earrings I’ve been wearing for the last few months. They are the gold plated “bar of gold” and “small dot” earrings from the webshop Vivre en Vert. I found her account on Instagram and fell in love with her products, so I decided to order some earrings. I like how simple and easy to wear these are, and they look so cute!

So those are the jewelry items I wear every single day. Well, every single day that I’m actually trying to look presentable😂. I am very happy with my current jewelry collection, but am still on the hunt for some pretty dangle-y earrings and some more rings, so I can switch them out a bit (still looking for that pinky ring..).

Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by ❤