Weekly Highlights #4

With this hot and sunny days there’s really only one thing you need..


Okay, and water, and possibly a hat. Preferably also a bathing suit and a way to get to a beach or lake ASAP.

But sunscreen is this week’s highlight for me!


And in particular this Rituals SPF 50 The Rituals Of Karma Sun Protection Face Cream. It is the sunscreen I’ve been using every hot sunny day since I got it a few weeks ago.

It is definitely a sunscreen and not a moisturizer (I asked in the store to be sure), so I apply it after my regular skincare routine and throughout the day if I need to (aka if I plan on being out in the sun a lot). It is anti-aging, water resistant and has an advanced protection system. Or so it says on the bottle. I don’t know a lot about sunscreen, but what I do know is that my face hasn’t gotten a sunburn yet in this 25°C weather, so I think it works pretty well😅.

Other important things: the bottle is cute, small enough to fit in a handbag (although probably not my ridiculously small but very cute current bag favourite) and easy to spot in an overly stuffed beach bag because of the colour. It smell like any normal sunscreen, which I quite like the smell of – it reminds me of summer. And lastly, it is €15,- so a very good price!

All in all a big favourite for me these past few hot sunny days, and 100% a summer staple!

Thanks for stopping by ❤