Weekly Highlights #3

I have a new bag love. Like seriously so obsessed. Which is why it is my highlight for this week.

But first some other highlights from these past few weeks, as I haven’t posted for a while.

The weather. Oh my god the weather, it’s been so nice the last couple of days. Like 21°c EVERY DAY pretty much since Saturday. I am so very much hoping this means spring is finally actually here, and according to my weather app it will stay like this now. For the most part…

Delft. My hometown and favourite city ever. I know there are beautiful places in the world, but Delft will forever feel like home. I’ve lived there for 20 years, pretty much my whole life, and am so sad I don’t live there anymore (but I will be back!!!!).
But recently, whenever we stay at my dad’s because we need (or want) to be back in town – and let me tell you that is very often – we have started doing city walks with my dad, and now on our own as well. My dad knows all the beautiful places and so much about the history of the city, which makes it extra interesting to walk around. I’ve discovered streets and corners I never knew existed and like I said, I’ve lived there almost all my life! It’s like I’m exploring a new city every time I’m there. Also, Delft is full of cute lunch rooms and coffee shops (the kind that actually sells coffee..) and has the BEST FLIPPIN’ nacho plank I’ve ever had.
I am seriously considering doing a Delft city guide series on the blog sharing all my fave spots and some history, so let me know if you are interested!

Buuuut now it is time for that bag I told you about, you know the one that is my main highlight this week?

Here it is:


Isn’t it cute? I love it! I mean, it is tiny. Like actually tiny. Like it doesn’t fit my phone tiny. But I don’t mind because it does fit my keys and wallet and a canvas bag if I try really hard, and that’s usually all I need with me when I go grocery shopping or shopping in general or explore a beautiful city. My phone is in my hand or pocket usually anyways.
Okay, about the bag itself. It is old. It used to be my grandma’s but I got it from her years ago because she didn’t use it anymore and as a little girl I was already obsessed with it. The brand is La Toscana, and when I google it I can only find some things about vintage bags being sold, so not a whole lot of information about that.
But yea, I love it currently and have been using it whenever I literally need nothing with me. Which is most of the time when I don’t go to school or work. It is also a great bag for traveling, when I got most of my stuff in a big bag and just need to reach my cardholder easily. It has been lying in the bag of my old closet at my mum’s house for years, but now that I am planning our vacation I remembered it, as it is lightweight enough to carry this and a big backpack and not like break my back and shoulders and die.

Speaking of, I need to start practicing walking around with a giant backpack. And buy hiking shoes. And book our train and campings.
Other things for other days and other posts.

But this was it for today, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post ❤