Weekly Highlight #2

Look at me keeping up with my Weekly Highlights 2 weeks in a row! This week’s a good one, I promise.

So it is almost April, which means it is time to start planning the summer trips and think about all the things we want to do in the warmer months. My boyfriend and I have been thinking a lot about where we want to go on holiday, and I think we’ve got a good plan! And this week’s highlight is kind of inspired by that 🙂


Learning French on the Duolingo app!
Sooo there are a few reasons for me to want to learn French.

  • I really like the language. I think it sounds beautiful and it’s a language I’ve wanted to learn to speak/read/understand somewhat fluently for years now.
  • I think it’s good and useful to know your languages for work or just for fun, and here in Europe I think French is a good place to start. Also I plan on visiting France many times (it’s a beautiful country) so speaking the language is kind of important. Which brings me to my third reason:
  • We are going to the Ardennen (Ardennes?) this year! Well, hopefully. We want to go camping and hiking and just explore the small towns and cities there. And since they speak mostly French over there from what I know I thought now was a good time to start.

I actually started learning French probably almost a year ago, but then I kind of lost interest in it for a while. About two weeks ago I picked it up again and I am really enjoying it now! I think the biggest difference is that now I’ve set an actual goal to lean it before we go on holiday which keeps me motivated. So far – according to the app – I speak 38% French, and I’ve managed to practice almost every day.

The reason that I am using Duolingo is because it is free, easy to use, fun and it takes me maybe 10 minutes a day to practice. Although usually I get really into it and just continue with the exercises. I learn to speak, read and write French and it is divided into small steps. It has so many different languages so I am already thinking about the ones I want to learn once I’ve finished my French course. Italian maybe, or Spanish? I think they’ve also got Chinese and maybe even Indonesian, which I think would be really cool to learn (I’m partly Indonesian so then I might finally understand what my grandparents are saying whenever they’re talking about us in Bahasa). But first let’s get through the French course..

So yes, definitely recommend this app if you are looking to learn a new language (they’ve got Dutch as well!).

Thanks for stopping by ❤