Weekly Highlights #1

So I’m gonna start a new series on the blog.

I did my 5 Faves every month for a while, but I found that sometimes I couldn’t think of 5 things I had been loving that month. Whether they were just the same items/products every time, or nothing had really stood out to me, it was just a bit hard sometimes. So I decided – because I do still want to share the things I’m loving at the moment – to do weekly highlights posts. In these posts, that probably won’t go up every week, knowing me, I will share an item, product, experience, or whatever else I am loving that week. Starting today with:


Lavender oil in a little oil burner. I have been loving this the past 2 weeks. The reason for this is that I had been sleeping really bad for a while, waking up in the middle of the night or not being able to fall asleep until very late. Which is not very handy when you have an internship or school to go to or homework to door just a life to live. I, at least, need my sleep.
So after not sleeping well for a while I remembered my mom gave the this little oil burner years ago. I got myself some lavender oil, burned it at night, and slept great! I especially realized that this thing works when I forgot it/was too tired to light the little tealight and slept terribly those two nights.
Seriously, if you have a hard time sleeping, go try this out. I am pretty sure you can get the burner for cheap at any place where they sell cute home bits, tealights – well I’m sure you know where to find those – and lavender essential oil isn’t hard to get either. Fill up the little bowl thingy on top of the burner with water, add a few drops of the oil, light the candle, but it in the hole, et vóila, have a good night 🙂 !

That’s it for my first weekly highlight. I think this was a great little item to kick this series off with 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤