Mini Haul #2 (I think)

I went shopping. Again. Got only a few bits as always (I never go on a giant shopping spree simply because I don’t have the money😅) but I thought they were worth sharing seeing as they are some of my favourite products. Also, it’s an easy way to get back into this blogging thing.


Okay, as I am writing this I realize I forgot one thing. I got a 3-pack of those Invisibobble hair ties because I got extra point at Ici Paris if I bought two things (thanks a lot isle of doom) and I didn’t need anything big. The reason I picked up those hair ties is because I like that style a lot (I never believed there was an actual difference in hair ties but these really are so much more comfortable to wear) and I always lose those little things, I mean, who doesn’t?! But other than that I got:

  • An Etos blending brush for my base eyeshadow. I always use a light shadow on my lid before I apply any dark colour to make sure they darker colours don’t get patchy, and I wanted a slightly bigger brush than the one I was using previously. The Etos ones are very good in my opinion and also nice and cheap 🙂
  • Diorshow Blackout mascara. I haven’t loved a mascara as much as this one,  so when I received a €5,- discount voucher for Ici Paris I decided to just pick up this expensive little piece of perfection again. And I am so glad I did because as soon as I used it this morning I remembered why I loved it so much. The formula and brush work just so flipping well for my lashes, especially when I curl them beforehand. Total drama and I LOVE IT.
  • Last but not least: my trusty Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes because I ran out of it. It’s affordable and works really well, and it doesn’t leave any white trace on my dark hair. I need it now more than ever seeing as I have started working out regularly (I am legit so proud of myself for it it’s kinda embarrassing😂) but I still only wash my once a week because I feel like it’s just so much better for my hair.

Alright, those were the 3 but 4 things I picked up the other day. All things I would definitely highly recommend!

Thanks for stopping by ❤