Just A Chat #6 – Making Friends

It seems so hard at my age (I’m 22) to meet people if it’s not through school and/or work. I know I haven’t been or posted on here for a few months but it’s something I was talking to my boyfriend about and I just needed to rant I guess.

But like, is it just me who has this problem? Or is it the place I live in? I mean, I’ve lived here for 2 years now and I know basically no one my age, or any age for that matter. Granted, I don’t go to school, or at least not one where I can meet anyone my age, and same goes for my internship. Also, I’m a very shy person, so although there are definitely people my age at my internship I’m just too scared or something to go sit at their table and talk to them.

So maybe I’m in a bit of a different situation than most people? But still, there just also doesn’t seem to be a way to meet people. I’m not a very sporty person, and the occasion hour I spend at the gym I actually work out and am definitely not thinking about trying to make friends (I’m fairly certain most people do the same😅). So there’s really no way I’ll go play a team sport to make friends, that’s just not me. But what other activities can I do? Are there any? Here in the Utrecht area in the Netherlands I really wouldn’t know of any, but if you do pleeaaasee let me know! Or if you’re from there and want to grab a cup of coffee one day.. 🙂

Okay but like, I was thinking the other day that I would love to join or start a little book club, you know, pick a book, read it and then come together once a month to discuss the book and drink wine, tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, cocktails or whatever other yummy drinks there are. But I don’t know of any book clubs or people near me I could start one with. Are there even any offline book clubs for people my age? Or online even, that would be fun too! I mean, it would combine 2 fun things: books and meeting people (oh and wine, so really 3 things!). But like I said, I don’t know of any.

You know what, someone should develop a Tinder for making friends. Something like where you can let the app know where you are (in what city/town/area) and what you’re looking for (person my age who likes this and this and would enjoy having a coffee with me) and then you’d just get a list of like-minded people near you, and you can meet at a cafe or wherever (although it would be smart to do it at someplace other than your house) and you can just hang out. Wouldn’t that be such a good idea? It would be so great for anyone that moved to a new city to meet some people and maybe make some really good friends. If you make sure you meet in a public, busy place of course to be safe. Any app builders out there that could make this come to life? No? Okay..

Well. I think that was quite a bit of rambling. I just needed to get my thoughts out, because this is something I’m really struggling with, even after 2 years of living here. It actually makes me feel better to just write it all down and share it with the internet, even though it’s kind of scary as well. But I think I’m gonna do more like this, share more of these life things I’m struggling with, and get back on the blog more in general. We’ll see how that goes though😅

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. And if you made it this far thank you for listening (reading) to my random rambles and everyday struggles❤ I’m sorry it’s so very much all over the place but it’s currently past midnight and I’ve had a few glasses of wine, but I just wanted to write this all down right now. I hope you got at least something out of it.