Two Thrifted Tops

A while back I walked into a thrift shop, and walked out with 2 red tops.

And I thought I would show them to you, because why not?

I haven’t actually worn either of them, even though I like both of them a lot. It has just been a bit too warm still for one of them, and a bit too cold for the other. But, layers are my friend and it is also getting pretty cold now so I am determent to get my wear out of them very soon! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour of both of them.


Let’s start with this lovely blouse. I believe I paid €6,- for this. I got this with my internship in mind, and I think paired with some (black) jeans and a cardigan I will look lovely and put-together. I’m also thinking that it will look so very cute layered underneath a cropped sweater, as soon as I find a cropped sweater I like.


The other top I got is this deep red over-sized turtle neck sweater. It is legit so comfy, and unlike any sweater I own so for €6,50 couldn’t leave it behind. Again, I think it’ll work very well for my internship, but also just for a casual lazy day when I have to leave the house but don’t want to when the weather is cold and gloomy. Looking at this photo I don’t know why I haven’t worn it yet because I love how it looks, but again I think I will very soon!

Anyways, those are the two things I picked up at the thrift store recently. I am thinking of going back soon because I always love looking around at what they have for sale, and I’m also thinking of getting some new additions for the house if I can talk my boyfriend into it.  And can find an excuse other than “I just think it’ll look really cute there”…

Thanks for stopping by ❤