Winter Is Coming

I have taken out my winter clothes, I am dusting off my dark red polishes, I am drinking tea like my life depends on it and some days I am freezing to death in my own home (but I’m too stubborn to turn on the heater because it’s expensive and bad for the environment). It’s official, winter is coming.

I do not like the colder months all that much, mainly because I do not like being cold. But since that’s kind of inevitable here in The Netherlands I thought I would try to get myself in the mood with some things I’m actually looking forward to using in the next few months.

Let’s start with the 2 lifestyle items shall we? First of all, hot water bottles. As soon as it gets cold enough – and our bedroom has no heating so it’ll be cold enough very soon – I dust off my hot water bottles. I’ve been using these since I was little and my mom used to make them, and I still love them now. When it is extra cold I tend to fill up 2 of these, one for on my feet and one to cuddle with (okay, and one for my boyfriend as well). This one that I got from my boyfriend’s sister last year is especially cute for that 🙂
Another thing is candles and fairy lights. I love them all year round, but now that the days are getting shorter and darker there is just something extra cozy about lighting all the candles. It immediately warms up the room and I LOVE it. I also realized the other day that this will be the first year Gideon and I will have our own apartment around Christmas time and I am already imagining where our Christmas tree with lots of fairy light will stand😊🎄

As for beauty bits I also don’t have that many. I am always happy to go back to my two warmer winter fragrances: The One by Dolce & Gabbana and Decadence by Marc Jacobs. My, oh my, they always get me in that sweater weather mood.
You cannot think of fall beauty and not think of deep dark polishes. Here I have 3 Hema shades that I used to wear a lot last fall and winter (that red one is PERFECT for the holidays), and one Cartice shades called “Rosywood Hills” that I have been loving this past week, and is the most beautiful autumn colour.
And lastly. the deep dark lipsticks. These are the two I picked up at Hema a while back (you can check them out in this haul), and although my go to shade at the moment is still my beloved Mac “Smoked Almond”, whenever I am in the mood for a darker colour I find myself reaching for one of these, and I can definitely see myself wearing these all fall and winter long.

Now for fashion. I got this scarf last year for my birthday, wore it all winter long, and am planning on doing the same this year because I love it so much! It’s cozy and warm and goes with everything. I don’t even think I will buy a new scarf this year, this is the only one I need :). Also, looking forward to wearing hats. I love the look and the fact that they keep my ears nice and warm, and although they kind of mess up my hair and makeup sometimes I don’t care because this time of year is all about keeping warm. This one, by the way, is one my mom made me a few years ago.

Coats coats coats. Now that I’m writing this I realize I forgot one, a gorgeous fancy long dark blue one, but this Marks & Spencer one is my go to whenever it is not raining. It’s definitely not made for rain, but it looks so pretty and is so comfy and keeps me nice and warm. Are you noticing a theme here?
This little fake fur vest is also something I love to try and style whenever it gets colder. Layered over leather jackets, or for the warmer days maybe even denim jackets, and when it gets really cold underneath coats on top of my sweaters. Oh, yes, I see all the possibilities!!

Long cardigans. I love them. They look good, they keep me warm down to my knees, they go with everything. I am very happy to be wearing these again. I love the look of these paired with a chunky sweater, a big scarf and a cute beanie, but I sadly can’t get away with a look like that here in the Netherlands, it’s a bit too cold to go out without a coat already. However underneath leather jackets they look great as well. This one is a thrifted one, in case you were wondering.
This other sweater cardigan this actually used to be my dad’s. But, living with 4 women in one house I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually get that much wear out of it. My mom stole it, both my sisters stole it, and as soon as I saw the chance I claimed it as my own. It is just such a nice item to throw on when you get home. It is nice and big and cozy and comfy and fits over anything and everything. My boyfriend loves it as well because I don’t need to steal his sweaters anymore, I got this one 🙂

The two sweaters I’m looking forward to wearing the most are these ones. Both H&M, the cream one a gift from Gideon, the blue turtleneck one I got myself a few years ago. They both go with so much, can be dressed up or down, are great for work, are comfortable and super warm. The cream one is a bit longer, whereas the blue one is a bit more cropped, and looks super chic with that coat that I told you about that I forgot but am really looking forward to wearing. It hasn’t been that cold yet – luckily – but as soon as it does get colder these two will be my go-to sweaters!

Alright, those were all the things I’m looking forward to using this fall/winter, or am already happily using. A few other things I am looking forward to are the holidays, a Christmas tree (mainly the decorating and shopping for decorations part), lots of hot chocolate and chai tea, Starbucks Christmas cups, those cozy rainy days underneath a blanket on the couch curled up together with my boy watching tv or a good movie. The sunny crisp days where you just want to go for a walk in the woods.

All in all, those colder months aren’t actually that bad, as long as I am wrapped up all nice and cozy and warm in my favourite items.

Thanks for stopping by ❤ and let me know what are you mostly looking these next few months!