5 Faves – October 2017

How is it November already? Can we please go back to July?

So, my 5 faves are a bit late this month, mainly because I had a terribly annoying cold this week so I couldn’t really take any photos these past few days. But here it is, only a few days after October has ended!


I’ll start of with the most random item – or should I say items – I’ve been loving this month. Ever since I got an iron and ironing board for my birthday in September I’ve been loving doing laundry even more. I feel like a put-together housewife whenever I iron our clothes and sheets and anything else that might need ironing, and I love not having wrinkly clothes! Also, it’s a great time to just watch TV (CSI has been my fave show recently, and it’s perfect to watch whilst ironing!).


The other lifestyle item I’ve been loving is this travel mug. I haven’t used it that much, but it comes in so very handy for when I have school (one morning a week)  because I can just fill it up with some coffee or tea, throw it in my bag, and sip on it throughout the lesson. I actually got this one for by boyfriend so he wouldn’t buy so much coffee at the train station every time he goes to school, but now I kinda stole it from him 🙂 I’m pretty sure he never actually used the thing himself..


On to the beauty. I used to not really be a foundation kinda gal. I just couldn’t find the right shade, or I would feel it on my face throughout the day, or I just felt like I looked weird with foundation on. However, over these past few months I’ve actually started to love wearing the stuff. This Hema one, applied to the face with this makeup sponge from Etos, is my perfect shade, covers just enough but still shows my freckles, looks really nice and natural and feels like there’s nothing on my skin. I also recently picked up the Maybelline Fit Me! matte poreless foundation, which I’ve been loving as well. I just feel like my overall makeup look looks cleaner with some extra coverage. I don’t wear it every day, whenever I’m in a hurry or don’t feel like it I will skip that step, but most days it’s an extra effort I’m willing to make 🙂


Moving on to what will probably be my go to scent these next few months, as it was last year around this time. Decadence by Marc Jacobs, a perfect deep dark yummy delicious perfume. The first time I sprayed after the warmer months it took me right back to winter (in a good way) and also to the time I used to work in a bookstore when I first got a sample of this scent. I just love it so much, and will be very sad when I run out (which will probably be not too long since I’ve been wearing it almost every day).


And last but not least, one of my favourite birthday presents. I got this body oil from G’s sister, and when I smelled it I was like “yes, I love the scent!” and when I started using it I decided that I didn’t really want anything else ever again. Which is why I’ve already used up over half of it within these last 6,5 weeks. Which is also why as soon as I heard my mom would go to Germany again a few weeks ago I asked her to pick up another one for me. It is just such a lovely product to use! It smells good, it sinks into the skin nice and quick, I love the fact that the packaging has a pump, it moisturizes my skin amazingly, and did I mention that is smells heavenly? No? Well it does. I am slightly afraid that I will run out of the second bottle before the end of the year, but let’s just hope my mom will go back to Hamburg around that time again so she can get me a couple more!

Thanks for stopping by ❤